Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 102

Chapter 102

102-He Will Reject Her. Will He?

“I felt the mate bond with her back when the teacher introduced her. But I wasn’t sure why and how it was possible. I stayed calm and after school, I decided to take her out for a ride to discuss it with her. I wanted to know if she felt it too and sadly, she did it too. I didn’t have any other plans with her, I only aimed to let her know I have already accepted you and that’s when my beta called. That’s when the stress hit the roof,” he had to take a pause because I didn’t take the news too well.

I slid my hands out of his hands and filled my face in my hands. I broke down the moment I heard what the Moon Goddess did to me. Not only did she give me so many mates to confuse me, but just when I selected one, she sent him another mate.

How unfair!

“It always happens to me,” I was crying and sabbing in my palms. My heart had split open into two and all I could feel was it to be bleeding.

“Hey! but it doesn’t matter. I am not going to accept her. I have already accepted you, you are the only one I want. If you don’t believe me, go talk to her. She knows because I told her. I didn’t want her to have any hopes so everything is made clear to her. There is nothing she can do to make me accept her even if she comes up with the stories of getting weak after getting rejected. It doesn’t matter. I accepted you,” he wrapped his arms around my body and all I could feel was guilt from his skin.

“It is so unfair. Just when I fell in love with someone, she stole him from m-e,” I was not listening to him and pouring my heart out only. She can use the excuse of becoming weak after rejection what then?

“Enya! Nobody can steal me from you, what are you talking about?” he broke the hug and forced freed my face from my hands to cup it in his hands and make me look into his beautiful eyes.

“Look at me! Enya! I am only yours and you are only mine, okay?” he had a very serious look on his face, as soon as I return from my pack, I will reject her. I would have rejected her right now but I don’t want an angry rejected mate to be left behind when my sweet and innocent mate is left alone. I need strength for my trip but the instant I am back, I am rejecting her sorry ass. You can tell her that on her face too if she says anything to you.” he let out a little laugh to ease me up but now I was worried.

“I cannot share you with anyone,” I spelled into his hands and kissed his palm. I can’t even explain how much I have grown to be attached to him. In a matter of a few weeks, he had made me fall in love with him more and more.

Now him having another mate had worried me.

*I promise, you will not,” he made sure to look in my eyes and tell me.

“Why didn’t you tell me about her sooner?” I then asked in desperation.

“Enya! It is something we don’t openly talk about especially when we don’t want to accept the mate. I knew the mate bond exists between them and that was worrisome.

“Now! I have to go but please don’t be stressed out and worry about me, okay?” he sounded too low after I cried in front of him.

“And guess who I will be calling from there? not her, but my sweet Enya!” after kissing my forehead, he decided to pull away because he kept receiving calls from his mother. She was the reason he had changed his plan again. In the morning, he told me he wouldn’t leave but now that she was blowing up his phone and constantly asking him if he was on the way, he had no choice but to pay them a visit.

“Mom!” he attended the call but the moment he saw the look on my face, he switched it to the speaker.

“You said you were coming. And till now, I have not heard from you. Maynard! I am telling you, if you didn’t come in the next few hours, I will make su,” she paused when she felt like she was being heard.

“Enya says hello,” Maynard groaned at her.

“Oh! Tell her hey. I am waiting for you,” she changed her tone, “I am sorry because I need your mate for some time,” I didn’t know how to feel about her at this moment. Was she back to being angry with me?

“Hey, Mrs. Gray!” I said slyly. I was still not feeling too well so I had to fake a happy tone with her.

“Sure, he is your son. You can have him whenever you want,” I added because Maynard look too embarrassed of his mother trying to control him again.

He instantly put it off the speaker and got on his feet to walk away.

“You heard her. I am coming,” he was muttering as if telling her I wasn’t the one holding him back and soon the call ended.

Honestly speaking, I didn’t want him to stay here either. Call me selfish and insecure, but I wanted him gone so that he doesn’t get


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102-He Will Reject Her. Will He?

to see Willow a lot. Once he returns and rejects her, all will be fine.

“Enya! I am leaving now but please don’t worry about anything,” he requested after ending the call.

“Are you going to tell them about her?” I had a million questions and I wanted answers to them.

“No! there is no need for that though. I don’t want any more stress on them.” He added before grabbing his bag and getting ready to leave.

He marched closed and kissed my forehead. I was still not sure how to process all this. I guess I will have to wait for his return and see what steps he takes and then I will act according to that.

He said goodbye to me and left in the next few minutes. I was still in my bed and worrying sick about the whole second chance mate thing. Why? Why did the Moon Goddess do that?

Firstly, she confused me by sending too many mates to me, and now Maynard?

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