Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 101

Chapter 101

101-The Moon Goddess Is A Master Of All Games

“Oh, thank you,” Maynard didn’t seem too surprised that I was now aware of his lie. He told me he only dropped her home but now I found out they even had lunch together.

“Have a good day,” Maynard smiled back at her but she had only a faded grin on her face. Her eyes told me she was upset over something but I couldn’t be sure what it was.

“You must be Enya!” she focused on me next, “I am Willow,” she didn’t have to introduce herself twice because I caught her name last day.

“Hello, hope you are liking our school,” I had to say something. So shaking myself out of my thoughts and smiling at her was the only thing I could do.

“We are getting late for class,” Maynard cut us in a mid-conversation even when he saw Willow wanted to stick around and talk to us.

“Have a good day,” she then bobbed her head and walked away after Maynard showed no interest in her.

“Isn’t there something you need to tell me?” as we walked together to our classroom, I questioned Maynard?

“About what?” he shrugged his shoulders carelessly, making me not feel too happy about it.

“You smoke?” I asked him once we sat down together. It was the first thing I wanted to talk about.

“Yeah so?” that change of mood was noticeable. He was acting cold all of a sudden.

“And you took her out for lunch?” I scoffed when he didn’t explain himself first. It was like that sometimes. We would be all happy and lovey-dovey until something happens. It appeared as if lack of communication was the issue in our relationship and it emerged from his side only.

I was open to any conversation but he would turn very dismissive in a matter of seconds.

“I didn’t take her out for lunch. Geez! First, ask me what happened and then accuse me,” he almost raised his voice but calmed down when he noticed the fellows watching our faces. I didn’t like the tone he used with me.

“That’s what I did, didn’t I?” I grunted, “you know what? We will talk when you learn to talk like a fucking educated person,” | grunted and freed my hand from his hand by force.

“Enya!” he sighed, trying to reach for my hand again. I noticed he would only push to the corner when I let him. Whenever I went strong on him, he would lower his volume.

“Maynard! I said we would talk when you learn to behave,” I was not at all happy that he used that tone with me in front of Jessica He knew now she will be on my back and bullying me over this. Why would he give others a chance to make fun of me?

He didn’t have the rest of the classes with me so I was pretty much alone and down the entire day. The moment the school bell rang, I rushed back to my room to avoid any unnecessary taunts from any fellows.

“Enya! I have been looking everywhere for you,” Maynard stormed inside the room, looking all worried and guilty

“Come on, what happened?” he sat down on his knee in front of me and held my hand by force, “I didn’t take her out on lunch. I was dropping her off when I got a call from my parents. That’s when I came to know about their struggles and it upset me. I had to stop for a quick smoke. I was going crazy and worried over the matter. She suggested I should eat something to gather up strength. I was really feeling low until I grabbed something to eat. That’s when I dropped my lighter in the café. That’s all that happened. She is not that important that I will take her out for lunch or anything. She is honestly clingy and I realized it when she came over to speak to us by the lockers. I wish I hadn’t offered her a ride back home.” Shaking his head at himself, he lowered his face and yelped sadly.

“Then why did you?” I didn’t add any more questions. I wanted to know why exactly did he offer to drop her home?

Although I did catch the lie in his statement, I remained silent. Didn’t he say his beta met up with him? I didn’t say much because reckoned he was hiding something still.

“What?” he almost looked dumbfounded. The pale look on his face was a sign he didn’t expect me to ask him anything in return.

“Why did you offer to drop her?” it wasn’t like they knew each other. It was their first day in school and he randomly decided to offer her?

“Enya! I don’t think we should talk about that,” his tone has volumed down a lot. He even stole his eyes from me.

14:08 L

101-The Moon Goddess Is A Master Of All Games

“Why? I want to know. I believe I have that much right, don’t I?” the more he was resisting talking about it, the more curious I was getting.

“I don’t want you to get worried over anything. I am already dealing with so much and raising this issue will only affect our relationship,” his words were making my heartbeat slower.

What was he talking about?

“I really want to know,” I whispered in fright. I was aware whatever it was, it might upset me but I still wanted to hear it.

“Look! I have received a call from my parents and I have to go. Can we talk about it when I return?” he almost requested, it is just I don’t want to leave thinking you are upset and all sad. It will only increase my worries,” he held my hands and my heart skipped a beat.

The emotions he was feeling were not what I had expected.

It was guilt,




“Tell me what is it?” I couldn’t hold anymore. If he is leaving, then I would want to know, or else I will die worrying about it.

Taking a deep breath, he first bit his lips and then uttered, “You see how the Moon Goddess has given you too many mates?” the way he started explaining, my blood started running cold.

“It seems like you are not the only one she blessed with too many mates,” he mumbled, carrying a guilty face.

“What do you mean by that? Who else did she give another mate to?” at this point, I was only fooling myself with that question.

I should have known what he was talking about, but I refused to.

“Enya! The Moon Goddess had given me another mate,” he whispered,

“I felt the mate bond with Willow,” there! my biggest nightmare had come to life.