Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 9

Barbara’s POV:

That bitch, Jennifer, really pissed me off.

So what if I apologized to her? A slave was a slave.

What about the qualifications to participate in the special training? How could she be better than me, a pure-bred noble? The royal training ground was built on Marge Island, which was located on the border of Osman Kingdom.

Steep mountains loomed in the northern part of the island, and there was a large area of jungles and cliffs.

It was the best choice for exploring and rock climbing.

When I heard that there were going to be training programs for jungle exploration and rock climbing, a plan formed in my mind.

Once we get to the royal training ground, there would be plenty of opportunities to teach her a lesson.

But when I stepped foot on Marge Island, I was shocked.

The royal family of Osman Kingdom had built a large training ground, and as if to show off how rich they were, they had also constructed a magnificent castle on Marge Island.

The sight took my breath away.

“Amazing! I didn’t expect such a beautiful castle here on Marge Island.”

“Oh my God! Is this where we’re going to train? It feels like a dream.”

Several inexperienced she-wolves laughed and chattered among themselves.

They were werewolves from other packs.

Rumors claimed that Prince Anthony had selected elite werewolves from each pack.

“The royal family invested a lot of money to build this castle specifically for training elite werewolves.You are the first batch of trainees to participate.In the future, there will be a second batch, a third, and more,” announced Neil, one of Prince Anthony’s attendants.

He was responsible for managing the trainees.

As for the prince, I haven’t seen him since we got on the plane.

I heard that he had gone ahead of us on a private plane to Marge Island.

“This place used to be a forest, didn’t it?”

“Why did the royal family build a special training ground on Marge Island?”

A group of werewolves surrounded Neil and bombarded him with questions.

Their eyes sparkled with curiosity about the things that they didn’t know.

Neil patiently answered their questions.

Meanwhile, I paid attention to that bitch, Jennifer.

She was walking at the back of the line, wearing tattered clothing and carrying a shabby-looking suitcase.

Even though she looked poor, many werewolves were attracted to her.