Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 10

Barbara’s POV:

The she-wolf I just befriended was Anna of the Red Sun Pack.

She was the daughter of her pack’s Alpha.

She spoke elegantly as expected from one who was born to a noble family.

There was a world of difference between her and a bitch like Jennifer.

Once I won Anna’s favor with a little flattery, we had a nice chat.

I planned to get all the she-wolves on my side in order to isolate Jennifer.

As soon as I entered my dorm room, I heard a whistle coming from downstairs, and then the announcement about the emergency assembly followed.

When Anna and I passed by the door to Jennifer’s room, I noticed that Jennifer was occupied with another she-wolf who was with her in her room.

I also noticed that the key to her room was still inserted in the lock.

I suddenly had a great idea.

I quickly closed the door of her room and locked it.

Imagining Jennifer getting anxious and desperate made me extremely happy.

“Anna, remember that bitch.Her name is Jennifer.She’s a member of my pack, but she is a slave.”

I locked arms with Anna as I continued to belittle Jennifer.

“She has sticky fingers.She also seduced the werewolves of our pack.Her private life is a mess.”

“Oh my God, she sounds so awful!”Anna exclaimed in surprise.

“But what you said makes sense.I knew there was something off about her.And you know what, Barbara? I hate promiscuous bitches the most!”

“She really is a bitch.” My lip curled in disdain.

“We should teach her a lesson.”

“You just locked her up in her own room.Isn’t that too light of a punishment?”Anna said with a smirk.

“A bitch like her deserves a more cruel method.”

“We have time so there’s no need to rush.”

The corner of my mouth rose in excited anticipation.

Anna and I were on the same side.

From now on, Jennifer was going to have a difficult time.

Anna and I headed downstairs and rushed to the training ground.

After hearing the whistle, all the other trainees hurried to the training ground as well.

Some of them were still wearing their indoor slippers.

The drillmaster in charge of training us was a man named Carson.

He wore a black training suit with a serious expression on his face.

Carson was said to be a very strict drillmaster.

“Is everyone here?”