Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 1 (A Princess In Trouble)

Jennifer’s POV:

“Jennifer, you bitch! Where is my pearl necklace?”

Barbara yelled from outside the door.

Startled by her voice, I stuffed the pearl necklace back into the wooden box in a hurry, and then stashed the box under the pillow to hide it.

I had barely straightened up from the bed when the wooden door of the room was kicked open.

Barbara rushed in with a group of werewolves, followed by Luna Debra, whose face was covered with a thick layer of foundation, but unfortunately, it could not hide the wrinkles at the corners of her eyes.

These two women always dressed up extravagantly, as if they wanted to flaunt all the jewelry they owned in a single outfit.

“Luna Debra, Miss Barbara, what can I do for you?” I asked politely, saluting them as usual with a friendly smile on my face.

“Jennifer, where’s the pearl necklace I usually wear?”Barbara growled, grabbing my collar and glaring at me.

“You bitch! You always have sticky fingers.You’re the one who cleans my room.Where did my favorite pearl necklace go? I can’t find it.Did you steal it?”

“Miss Barbara, I didn’t take anything from your room.You can’t accuse me without evidence,”I replied patiently in a tone that was neither humble nor pushy.

“You shameless bitch! How dare you talk to me like that? You want evidence? Let’s find it right now!”Barbara spat, shoving me backward.

Then, she turned to the werewolves she had brought along and ordered them to search my room.

My small and shabby room was soon turned upside down.

The old quilt on the bed was thrown to the floor, and the small wooden table and stool were kicked over with loud thuds.

What was worse, I had to watch Barbara walk all over my quilt in her expensive high-heeled shoes.

She even picked up the half-empty kettle that had fallen on the floor and poured the water on the quilt.

It was as if she was taking this opportunity to vent all her anger.

I tried to keep my face expressionless as I stared at the ruffians turning my room into a mess, but resentment gripped my heart and seeped into my eyes.

“How dare you glare at me? You’ll suffer when I find the necklace!”

Barbara shouted, driving her heels harder into my quilt.

I clenched my fists to suppress my anger and ignored her.

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