Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 423

Chapter 423

Ever since she had kids, Adina had never once set foot in the amusement park.

Alden did not like to play with such rides, and Melody was afraid of strangers. Therefore, this was the first time she was taking the children to a place like this.

She had been carrying Melody in her arms with a protective posture. However, when they reached the amusement park, the little girl struggled to get down and walk on her own.

“Mel, let’s blow bubbles together.”

Harold was blowing bubbles, and Melody was chasing after bubbles. They had the most innocent smiles on their faces. Adina also smiled from the bottom of her heart.

The doctor who used to treat Melody was right. Only love would bring an autistic child out of his or her own bubble.

“Georgie, Al, why are you still standing there? Go and have some fun now!”

Adina was holding four full-access tickets. They could play with whatever rides they wanted. It was just that there were a lot of people. There was a line for every ride.

George and Alden were introverts. They were quite mature for their age. So they had no interest in playing with the rides, but seeing that Melody was having so much fun, they were tempted to play as well. Hence, in the end, whatever ride Melody wanted to go on, the kids would follow along

After going through all the rides, it was already past five o’clock in the evening.

All four children were drenched in sweat. They had a great time.

“Alright now, it’s time to go home. I will take you here again when we have time, okay?”

Harold was the most excited one as he exclaimed cheerfully, “Okay! Let’s come again tomorrow, okay? An amusement park is so fun!”

Adina smiled stiffly.

She was already so exhausted today. If she needed to do this again tomorrow, it would kill her! Alden was introverted and Melody was mostly quiet. She had no idea how much of a headache it could be when children were overly energetic.

She finally understood today why many people only have one child, because the more children you have, the more difficult it is to keep them under control!

Melody and Alden were such obedient kids. Under Harold’s influence, they completely let themselves go today.

Adina carried the four children to the car and carefully fastened their seat belts before starting the engine and driving home.

The kids were exhausted. As soon as they got in the car, they fell asleep.

By the time they arrived home, it was already dark. Adina pulled open the back seat door and woke the children up, one at a time.

“Get up. Wake up. Go home and change your shoes. I’m going to make dinner.”

George was not asleep. He was just resting his eyes. So he was the first to wake up. When he was about to get out of the car, he suddenly saw a familiar figure standing at the door of the villa.

He sat up straight with a jolt. “Daddy’s here!”

“What? Daddy is here? Where?” Harold opened his eyes blearily. “Hurry, Georgie. Let’s find a place and hide ourselves. We can’t let Daddy catch us and bring us back!”

He bent down and tried to hide under the seat.

It took Adina a few seconds to react as she turned around. Only then did she see a shadowy figure standing in front

of the villa.

The courtyard had no lights and the doorway was dark. She actually failed to notice there was a car parked outside the door and a person was standing there.

The man’s silhouette seemed a little blurry in the darkness. He was emitting an imposing aura.

Adina tried her best to ignore the figure over there. She bent down and said softly, “Georgie , Hal, get out of the car first.”

It was George’s first time doing such a willful thing. He felt a little guilty. As he looked at the figure in the distance, his palms started to get sweaty.

While the situation was at a standstill, Melody, who was sitting beside them, pushed open the car door and ran out.

A sweet and soft voice could be heard in the night air.“ Daddy!”

Duke was still sulking. They were a family of six. How could they leave him behind?