Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 421

Chapter 421

“I can’t be any happier. Come in now!”

Adina helped the boys to carry their suitcases into the house. Her eyes were beaming with delight.

Whether Duke knew about it or not, these boys were not going anywhere today. She finally had a chance to spend some alone time with her four children.

Harold had been here once before, but he had not had the chance to come in. So this was his first visit as well. He looked around curiously and touched things with interest. He asked a few questions here and there. The living room was full of joy. George looked around with a solemn gaze. This villa was much smaller than the Winters family’s place. Because it was so small, the living room seemed a bit crowded. The balcony was full of toys.

The color of the couch in the living room was pink. The curtains were of a similarly warm color. The decorative items were small furry objects that enticed people to touch them.

This home was so much cozier than the Winters family’s place.

No wonder Harold had insisted on staying here.

At that moment, Alden came down from upstairs with Melody. Harold darted toward them excitedly. “Mel, you haven’t combed your hair. Let me comb it for you today, okay?”

Melody’s eyes bulged. She covered her hair with her hands and took a step back.

“I promise to be gentle. I won’t hurt you. I am going to make you the most beautiful braid in the world.”

Melody cocked her head and pondered for a few moments before nodding and following Harold to the couch.

Harold did not know how to comb hair at all. He was clumsy with the comb. He had pulled out two strands of the little girl’s hair.

Alden felt bad for her as he glared at him in anger. “If you don’t know how to comb hair, don’t pretend like you are good at it.”

Harold was aggrieved. “I watched a hair-braiding video last night. I know how to comb hair. I really do.”

Alden took the comb and smoothed his sister’s hair, then carefully braided it.

He was good with his hands. A few moments later, he finished braiding one side of her hair, he skillfully picked up the rubber band and tied it tightly. Then, he changed

direction and tied the other side.

“Wow. You are so good at it!”

Harold could not help but clap his hands. His eyes were filled with envy.

George stood by the side. His fingers were secretly imitating Alden’s movements,

Adina smiled tenderly as she saw her four children getting along well. She put on her apron and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Melody did not need to practice piano on weekends. She happily took out all her toys and sat on the crawling mat with Harold to play with them. Harold was actually not interested in girls’ toys, but he would do anything to hang out with Melody for a little longer. He even put on a wig and let Melody put makeup on his face. His fingernails were also painted with various colors of nail polish.

Melody was having a lot of fun.

George, however, could not stand to look at it anymore. The makeup on his stupid brother’s face at that moment was just too horrifying to look at.

When he turned his head, he saw Alden sitting on the balcony, clutching a notebook.

Alden’s figure was obscured by the balcony curtain. If he

looked from a different angle, Alden would have never been spotted hiding there, playing with his laptop.

George narrowed his eyes and approached him.

Alden’s fingers moved quickly across the keyboard. String after string of code symbols appeared on the screen, with the communication software’s communication interface on the right.

“You’re forming a hacker team?”

A voice suddenly came from behind him. Alden quickly raised his hand and closed the laptop.