Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 417

Chapter 417 

Adina stood in front of the tap and washed her hands. The kitchen was filled with the sound of running water.

She lowered her gaze and looked at her hand before she spoke again, “I won’t let go of the four children, and I won’t marry into the Winters family because of them.”

Duke looked at the side of her face. Her eyelashes cast a shadow over her eyes and hid her emotions away.

He could not figure out what was on her mind.

He pursed his lips and asked softly, “Why?”

Adina wiped her hands.

She slowly looked up. Her lips were downturned, making her look fierce.

“There are some things that I just don’t want to bring up.

But he almost kissed me just now. There was a strong sense of predation in his gaze.

‘It reminds me of what happened that night five years ago


‘At first, I resisted and struggled with all my strength, but it was all in vain. In the end, I was ruthlessly plowed by him.

‘It was the most depressing night I’ve ever had.

‘I still feel disgusted every time I wake up…’.

Even though Adina did not utter a word, Duke noticed a look of disgust in her gaze.

The look in her eyes came upon him like a tidal wave, choking him.

I’ve lived for more than two decades and have only spoken to a few women. But I know it in my heart that wherever I went, I would be their topic of conversation .

‘Sea City is filled with prominent and wealthy women. No woman will reject me as long as I want to be with that person.

“But Adina is an exception.

‘I proposed to her, and my mother asked us to get married, but she rejected it.

“We already have children together, yet she still refuses to be with me.

“Am I that disgusting to her?’

‘I will never forget the night five years ago. If you had not forced yourself onto me, whatever that had happened after that day would not have happened.” Adina paused before speaking again, “No matter how desperate I am, I will never marry a rapist.”


Duke’s expression turned cold when he heard the two words.

He suddenly reached out and grabbed Adina’s shoulder. ” That night, I was drunk…”.

“Are you saying that it was okay to force yourself onto a fraglle girl Il you’re drunk?” Adina’s eyes reddened.

‘I was roofled and barely conscious. I escaped from that room with the last shred of strength that I have.

I’ve walked out from the den. I will never enter the same place again.’ ‘I bit my tongue, trying my best to stay conscious.

“But there was nothing that I could do. He wasn’t conscious at all. Blt by bit, he tore off my clothes…

‘I can still recall it all clearly; my struggle, my desperation, my anger, my tears…’ “Duke Winters, you don’t have the right to marry me.” Adina said sharply, “I will not spend the rest of my life bearing such injustice, just for the four children.”

‘I’ve suffered enough in the past. I’ve finally moved on…

‘I can never let myself marry the man that ruined me…’

His hands were still grabbing her slender shoulder as his tingers curled up a little.

Duke had thought of all kinds of reasons why Adina refused to marry her, but he did not expect this to be her reason.

That was why every time he approached her, he would notice a hint of fear in her gaze.