Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 416

Chapter 416

Adina unexpectedly bumped into Duke, who was washing the peas.

The oil splashed on the back of her hand. She grimaced in pain.

Duke hurriedly turned down the fire on the stove, looking extremely worried. “Where did the oil hit you? Are you hurt?”

“It’s nothing. I’m fine.”

Adina ran the tap water over her hand.

After cooking for a long time, she was used to oil splashes. These little burns were nothing to her.

However, all of a sudden, a huge, rough hand grabbed her fingertips. “I’ll put on some lotion for you.”

She hurriedly pulled her hand back, but she could not break free from his grasp. She said helplessly, “I really don’t need it. Besides, can you even find where I got burnt?”

There had been a small red spot when she was burnt. But after running it in the water, it was no longer visible.

Duke looked down at the back of her hand. After looking at it carefully and not seeing any wounds, he let go of her


Adina was blushing just because he held her fingertips.

Duke then took a step back. When he looked up, he noticed her eyes visibly lighting up a little.

He felt a sudden dryness in his throat.

Once again, he felt an impulse…

He took a step forward, stopping about an inch from Adina.

He stared at her lips. ‘She must’ve tasted the tomatoes just now. There’s a faint red stain at the corner of her lips, which, for some reason, looks irresistible.

He suddenly wanted to have a taste of her lips. ‘What will her lips taste like? Would it be as sweet as the tomatoes?’

He slowly lowered his head.

Adina’s mind went blank.

She had a rough idea of what he was doing. Her instinct told her to run away, but her legs just would not move… She could only stare at his face as he got closer and closer.

“Daddy! You lied!”

Harold suddenly shouted.

Adina came back to her senses. She turned and took the kitchen knife, pretending to cut the ginger.

Duke straightened up. He was not sure where to look as his face darkened. “Why are you here?”

“Hmph! You’re a liar!” Harold crossed his arms and said angrily, “You told me not to kiss Melody, but you’re the one who hid in the kitchen to kiss Mommy. Mommy’s a girl and Daddy’s a boy. Boys shouldn’t simply kiss girls! You’ve crossed the line, Daddy! You’re a big fat liar!” 1

Duke’s face darkened. He had been caught red-handed by his own son.

He said coldly, “Are you that eager to be grounded?”

Harold stuck out his tongue and ran off.

The atmosphere of the kitchen returned to normal after Harold emerged.

Adina heated up the pan and put in the oil. She then proceeded to put in the tomatoes and cooked them. In less than five minutes, a tomato omelet was ready. Duke touched his nose. He placed the peas that he was holding onto the chopping board.

Before he could say anything, Adina had already started to cook the next dish. The kitchen was filled with cooking noises. He had to hold himself back from saying anything further.

In just half an hour, Adina swiftly prepared six dishes.

She turned off the stove and once again, the kitchen fell


She took off her apron and said softly, “Mr. Winters, I know what you want to say. I’ll say this — Mrs. Winters gave me two options, and I will choose neither of them.”