Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 412

Chapter 412

Melody lowered her head, feeling embarrassed. It was as if she was aware of her teacher complimenting her. The two dimples on her cheek deepened as she smiled.

“Come here, let Daddy hug you.”

Duke knelt down and stretched out his arms.

“Daddy!” Melody ran over to him quickly. Duke carried her and spun her around. Ava was stunned. ‘Didn’t Alden and Melody call another man “Father” two days ago? Why did their father change to another man again…?” “Miss Jones, he is Al’s and Mel’s biological father. You can hand over them whenever he comes and fetches them,” Adina said gently with a smile. Ava nodded, still feeling stunned. She only returned to her senses when the family left the preschool. ‘Alden’s father is so handsome and charismatic. It’s no wonder why the children could not stop looking at him. Even I couldn’t take my eyes off him…’ Two cars were parked at the entrance of the preschool. Adina and Duke opened their car doors. Hers was on the left, and he was on the right. “Mel, come here. I’ll carry you. Let’s get into the car first.” Adina walked toward Melody and reached out.

Just as Melody was about to turn to her, Duke said, “Your mother has worked the whole day and is very tired. You shouldn’t let her carry you.” Melody, who was about to reach out to Adina, paused and pondered for a few seconds. She turned around and held onto Duke’s neck again.

Duke smiled, feeling amused.

Alden said, “Mel can walk on her own.”

Melody was very obedient to Alden. She struggled a little, trying to get down. Duke’s smile faded. He askel gently, “Mel, do you want to sit in Daddy’s car?”

Adina then said, “Mel, sit in Mommy’s car. You’re used to situng in his car” Melody fouked at Dauidy and Moinny, feeling, conflicted. Inike calmly adrd, “Daddy specially came to pick you up from school. I would be sad if I were to go back on alon.”

Auin. Watchlice

‘A five-foot-nine man pretending to be sad in front of a small girl. How shameless!’ Well, it worked on Melody.

She placed her hand on Duke’s chest and looked like she was willing to get into Duke’s car. Alden frowned. Just as he was about to speak up, Duke said, “Al, you should get into my car too. Give your mother a break.” “No.”

Alden stood motionlessly by Adina. Adina felt Melody drifting further and further away from her with each passing day. She patted her head and said, “You can get into Daddy’s car. Your brother and I will get in the other car.”

The four of them were left in two different cars. Duke only started his engine and followed Adina after he saw her drive off.

‘I think I’ll find a way to make Melody sit in my car by her choice…’

Adina took a glance at the car following behind her through the rearview mirror as the corners of her mouth twitched a little.