Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 409

Chapter 409 Adina ignored Ruby’s cries. 

She stared at Aaron. “Am I your daughter?”

Aaron suppressed his anger and said, “I promised your mother that I would keep this secret until I die. But now, with all that has happened to Dew, I have no choice but to expose the truth. After your mother passed away, I could have sent you to an orphanage, but I didn’t. Instead, I raised you until you were eighteen. I’ve done my duty as a father, and I have a clear conscience toward you-”


Halfway through his sentence, Adina scoffed.

At this point, she truly believed that she was not a daughter of the Daugherty family because no father would say something like that to his daughter. But she would not let herself be manipulated by Aaron either. “Why didn’t you send me to the orphanage? Wasn’t it because I held the shares of Daugherty Corporation?” She sneered. Aaron’s expression instantly darkened. “But all of Daugherty Corporation’s shares have been purchased. The owner of Daugherty Corporation has changed. I’ve lost everything. I only have Dew, my only daughter. Can’t you show some mercy and spare the Daugherty family?”

Adina frowned.

She really did not have the time to pay attention to Daugherty Corporation. She just knew that the price of their shares had dropped drastically, and the company would go bankrupt after some time. During such a critical time, someone had actually purchased the shares?

“Dew saved George and Harold, and I raised you for eighteen years too. Can you spare her?” Aaron slowly said, his cold and angry voice giving way to pleading. Adina stared at him coldly. “Dew kidnapped the young master of the Winters family. It is the Winters family that insists on looking into this. It’s none of my business. Mr. Daugherty, you better go to the Winters family and beg Duke.” She did not want to look at Aaron anymore. She pushed the glass door open and entered her company.

Hehind her, Aaron and Ruby looked completely hopeless

Adination attended the meeting, in the meeting room, where they discussed the summary of the previous month and a work plan for the next month. She was absent-minded during the 100-110,40) she coded it earlier

Alterstw made arrangements for her work, she drove to the Xavier family home

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“Oh, Ms. Daugherty is here.”

The servant was surprised as she went to open the door. She was delighted to see Adina.

“The madam was just talking about you. Now, you’re here after she mentioned you.” Adina smiled while she walked up to Mdm. Xavier. “Grandma, how have you been lately?”

Mdm. Xavier held her hand. “How come you have time to visit me today? Where are Alden and Mel? Why didn’t they come along?” “They went to preschool.”

Adina looked down as she thought about how she should open up the conversation. Mdm. Xavier could tell that Adina was there for a reason, so she said, “Addy, if you have something to say, just say it.”

“Grandma, after I spoke to a client about the past today, I finally discovered that the Daugherty family was nothing twenty years ago.” Adina pursed her lips and said, “But the Xavier family was already well-established in Sea City twenty years ago. Back then, the gap between the two families was huge. Why would you agree to marry my mother off to a poor guy who had nothing?”

Hearing that, Mdm. Xavier appeared gloomy. “Your grandpa and I disagreed for a long time back then, but your mother insisted on marrying your father. What else could we do? Later, we only realized that your mother had been pregnant with you before marriage when you were born three months early. It was considered a marriage arranged on the basis of a pregnancy.”