Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 408

Chapter 408 

Adina’s heart was filled with excitement, but that excitement only lasted for a second before it quickly disappeared.

She pursed her lips and pulled the glass door open to enter her company. “Hold on,” Aaron said with a cold and angry demeanor. Adina did not stop moving. She really had a meeting to attend, so she did not have time to waste there. “I raised you for eighteen years. Shouldn’t you repay me for my parenting and kindness throughout those eighteen years?” When Adina heard Aaron’s words, she suddenly chuckled from anger.

She held the doorknob of the glass door, then turned around and said, “Parents have a legal obligation to support their children, and children have an obligation to support their parents. I can financially support you, but I don’t have an obligation to get Dew out of prison.” He actually wanted to guilt trip her with his eighteen years of so-called parenting. It was hilarious.

“If you were my biological daughter, it would be my duty to raise you for eighteen years, but …” Aaron raised his head, and his gaze was profound. “You’re not my daughter, but I still raised you for eighteen years. Shouldn’t you repay me for the kindness you received in the past? I don’t have any other requests either. As long as you get Dew out of prison, we’ll call it


Adina felt like she had been struck by lightning.

The Daugherty family had been extremely cruel to her over the past five years, but she had been happy in the eighteen years before that. She might have come up with that guess over the recent years, but she had been filled with grief and resentment. She never thought that she was not a member of the Daugherty family Then again, if Aaron was truly her father, would a father be that cruel to his biological daughter? She should have expected this.

Adina removed her fingers from the doorknob and gradually snapped out of her daze.

Ruby suddenly saw a sliver of hope. She gritted her teeth and said, “Yes, Adina. You’re not part of the Daugherty family’s bloodline. Our family supported your living expenses and studies for righteen years. Don’t you plan on repaying our kindness?”

Adina smiled Saintly and scoffed. “Is it really as you say? I don’t believe you.”

“When your mother was young, a lot of men courted her. Who would have known that she would sleep around with someonic and get pregnant? She went around searching for someone in marry lwt, wat found Anrun!” Ruby wore a cold and menacing, smile as she said, “She We pregant with any illegitimairchild, so she couldn’t just marry anyone. Therefore, slie had 10 marry Aaron who had nothing at that time Do you really think you’re a lady in the 1)4150Hirty 1. ly’ Yuli’re just tegematachille ”


Adina raised her hand and gave her a strong slap

Ruby widened her eyes with fury. “How dare you slap me?! Who gave you the audacity?! You actually slapped me!”

She covered her face and wanted to rush over to slap Adina back

Adina twisted her wrist before she ruthlessly swung her away “If you dare to insult my mother again, I’ll break your hand. If you don’t believe me, you can give it a try.”

Ruby’s face had been smacked, so she was in great pain. Her wrist had also been twisted and nearly broken. It hurt so much that her facial features were distorted.

She cried and yelled, “Aaron, look at the ‘good daughter’ whom you insisted on raising. This is how she treats me! When she was first born, you should’ve sent her to the orphanage. She caused our only daughter to be imprisoned. We only have Dew, our only daughter. She’s in prison now What should we do?”