Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 407

Chapter 407 

Adina’s fingers froze, and she immediately raised her head. She put down her work and walked outside. Before she stepped out, she saw Aaron and Ruby through the glass door. They were standing there with anxious expressions.

She suddenly sneered.

It had been two days since Dew was arrested. These two people must have run out of options, hence they came to her.

“Addy!” When Ruby saw her come out, she got so worked up that her hands trembled. If those who were uninformed had seen that, they could have thought that the mother was so excited that she almost cried because she had not seen her daughter for a long time. Adina’s expression was cold. “Why are you looking for me?” As she spoke, she glanced at her watch. “I still have a meeting. If you have something to say,

say it.”

Aaron was instantly triggered, “Why are you still in the mood to attend a meeting when your sister’s in such a state? Adina, you have to think of a way to save your sister!”

Adina smiled faintly. “What does it matter to me what happens to her?”

She smiled. “Don’t forget that she kidnapped my son. My son nearly died because of her, and you want me to save her? Do I look like Virgin Mary to you?”

Aaron raised his arm in anger.

However, Adina did not fear him at all. She looked at Aaron with a cold expression.

“Dear, don’t do it.” Ruby held Aaron’s arm and bitterly begged Adina. “Addy, I know it’s Dew’s fault. But she’s too young and immature, so she did all those reckless things. I apologize to you on her behalf. Please forgive her, okay? Addy, Dew’s your sister. Do you really want her to spend the rest of her life in prison?”

“If she had succeeded the night before last, my son and I would have been separated forever,” Adina replied scornfully. “Addy, have you forgotten? That night when you gave birth four years ago, George and Harold died as soon as they were born. 11 Dew had not been kind enough to send the bables to the hospital. you and your sons would have been parted forever!” Ruby grabbed Adina’s arm as she cried and pleaded Dew saved George and Harold four years ago. Can you lend a hand and help low get out of prison four years later? Addy, I swear to you. As long as you get Dew out of prison, Drw and I will disappear from Sea City, and we won’t disrupt your life anymore. Please

Adina was unaffected as she moved out of Ruby’s grip. Sitze lagkrd at the two Individuals and spoke to the coldest tone that she had ever spoken in,“

Dew has nothing to do with me. Please don’t come to me anymore!”

After she said that, she attempted to walk into her office. But Ruby grabbed her wrist. “Addy, are you really going to be so heartless?’ Adina instantly chuckled. She looked away and firmly said, “Five years ago, when you drugged and put me on a stranger’s bed, did you ever think that this day would come? Four years ago, after I gave birth to the kids, and you set the fire to the Daugherty family home, did you ever think that this day would come? In the past four years, when you helped Dew pose as my sons’ biological mother, did you ever think that this day would come?” She moved her wrist out of Ruby’s grip again before she smoothed out her collar and continued, “You’ve always been the heartless one. How could you ask me to think about kinship?”

Ruby’s eyes were filled with hopelessness.

Dew was her only daughter and the biggest pride of her life. But Dew was going to spend the rest of her life in prison. In an instant, Ruby seemed to age by ten years.