Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 406

Chapter 406 

A motivated Melody went off to practice her piano, while Adina took out her laptop and searched for Earley Wynters on the Internet.

She was no longer keen on collaborating with Elitos Corporation because of Earley. However, she had to collaborate with Elitos because of her four children. She needed to be strong so that it could increase her probability of getting back custody.

No matter how scary Earley was, she had to face the challenge.

Adina clicked the “Enter” button, and a lot of information about people with the name “Earley Wynters” appeared on the web. The most famous person was actually a celebrity. She filtered out all the information on the celebrity before she searched for Earley’s information from millions of search results. After she looked around for a while, she finally found an introduction.

(Earley Wynters was the CEO of Elitos Corporation’s branch company in Cairnstan for one year. During his tenure, Elitos grew rapidly in the market of Cairnstan.)

This introduction only stated Earley’s contribution to Elitos. There was none of his personal information.

The information about this Earley Wynters must have been removed.” Alden had come over at some point. “Mom, do you need me to investigate him?”

Adina passed him the laptop. “Find out anything that you can.”

He was her next collaborator, hence she had to understand this man thoroughly. Being a mother, she dared not take any risks.

Alden took the laptop and speedily tapped on the keyboard. A while later, the laptop screen turned black, and only white fonts appeared on the screen.

“He changed his name to Earley Wynters. His previous name can’t be found.”

Alden narrowed his eyes as he slowly dug up the deeply hidden information.

“He used to live in an orphanage for eight years. His experiences in the latter years have once again been erased, and no trace of them can be found online.

“He also has an underground company that runs illegal businesses.”

When Adina heard what Alden sald, she recalled the human biological testing.

That should be the underground company under Earley. What was that company about? Was it related to Flilos?

“Mommy, here’s all the inforination that I can find.”

Alle stood up and clicked on the folder that he had created. Everything was arranged clearly, all the information that had not been available were also marked

“Thank you. Alden llurry up and get toxly for bed” Adina caressed Aldeni’s sal (a) the couch and continue to study the illas,

ad Then, she

Earley had changed his first name and last name. No trace of it was left on the Internet, though. Therefore, no matter how skilled a hacker was, they would not be able to find his original information. Earley had two identities. He was the CEO of Elitos in Cairnstan, which everyone knew, and that was his mask to appear publicly. His other identity was that of an underground company owner. That was part of some encrypted information. No one aside from a hacking expert would ever find out.

Fortunately, those two companies were not related. In other words, if she collaborated with Elitos, she would not have anything to do with the real Earley.

Only then did Adina feel at ease.

The next day, Adina drove to her company after she sent the kids to preschool. “Serene, compile Elitos’ information and send one set to each member in the Technical Department.”

When Serene heard Adina’s instruction, she was momentarily stunned. “Ms. Daugherty, I heard that they’ve decided internally to give Mdm. Jones the position you’re planning to bid on. Should we waste our time?” Adina smiled and said, “They’ll hold the bid again, and we still stand a chance. Go ahead and make preparations for it.”

Serene was a qualified assistant. Since her superior had said so, she needed to do the necessary. Adina switched on her computer and wrapped up Project A-F. The project had already begun, so her job would end soon. At noon, Serene walked in at a hurried pace. “Ms. Daugherty, some people are looking for you outside.”

Adina did not raise her head. “Did they make an appointment?” “They say they’re your parents, Ms. Daugherty.”