Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 405

Chapter 405

“As long as the four kids can be together, I don’t mind being the bad person.” Mrs. Winters’ expression was cold and profound, while her tone was incredibly resolute. “I choose the second option,” Duke looked away and said with a straight face. “What?” Mrs. Winters was stunned for a while. She had not registered his response. “I said, I choose the second option,” Duke repeated unhurriedly. “Mom, you can prepare for it on your own time.”

Mrs. Winters was taken aback again.

When she brought up the first option earlier, Duke had interrupted her and even threatened to send her back to Ascrialia. But he was taking the initiative to choose the second option now. Hold on, what was the second option that she had just mentioned? “Are you willing to marry Adina?” Mrs. Winters slowly asked.

Previously, she had constantly persuaded Duke to marry Dew, but he still refused. She had even suspected her son of being a celibatarian.

But now, he was actually telling her that he wanted to get married?

Was she dreaming? Duke’s expression remained unchanged as he said, “But we can’t rush this. I have to take it slowly.”

Mrs. Winters’ gaze was filled with complex emotions.

It looked like her son really liked Adina.

Luckily, it was Adina and not some other woman. Otherwise, she would be worried about the stepmother mistreating the four children.

Adina drove her car at a leisurely pace on the road.

She held the steering wheel and slowly asked, “Alden, what do you think about George and Harold?”

Alden looked up and replied, “In terms of what, Mom?” “For example, do you like to hang out with them?” Adina weighed her words as she asked, “ Would you be happy to live with them?”

Alden’s gaze froze. “Mom, are you sending me and Mel to live with the Winters family?”

“Of course not.” Adina smiled. “Maybe George and Harold will live in our house. I just wanted to ask for your opinion in advance.”

Alden sighed in relief. “They’re quite nice. Of course I welcome them as our guests.”

Adina pursed her lips.

As our guests… Those three words exposed Alden’s inner thoughts. To Alden, George and Harold were only outsiders. They were biological brothers, but they could just be each other’s guests. Adina suddenly understood what Mrs. Winters meant. The quadruplets should live together. But why should Alden and Melody change their family name? Why should she marry into the Winters family? Adina knew that she should not think that way, but she had reached a dead end, and she could not escape. Once she parked her car in front of her home, she glanced at the double-story villa. There were three bedrooms and a study on the upper floor, while there was a guest room and another study downstairs. If she renovated the house, there could be two more rooms.

She had started to imagine a life with George and Harold, but her abilities were limited. No matter what, she could not steal custody from the Winters family. Adina sighed before she took the two kids inside.