Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 404

Chapter 404

Mrs. Winters pulled out a chair and sat down with an indifferent look before she said, “You probably know what I want to say, right?” Duke pursed his lips and frowned slightly. “Mom, Addy and I will come up with a solution for this. I don’t need you to interfere.”

Adina pursed her lips tightly. Since she found out that George and Harold were her sons, she had been thinking about how to solve the problem.

However, she was still unable to come up with a perfect solution after many days.

She did not want to lose any of her children, and she did not want any child to feel aggrieved


“I won’t interfere with your relationship. I just want to give you some suggestions,” Mrs. Winters slowly said. “The Winters family children have to return to their family. They have to take ‘Winters’ as their family name. Ms. Daugherty, do you have anything to say about this?” Adina pursed her lips even more tightly. “Mrs. Winters, please carry on with your suggestions


“The children of the Winters family have to be raised based on our family rules, so they have to live with the Winters family,” Mrs. Winters said indifferently. “As for you…” She quietly sized Adina up.”…You have two options. Firstly, return the children to the Winters family and pretend as if you never had these four children.” Adina’s expression turned completely cold. She did not expect Mrs. Winters to have such a thought. Was she any different from Mr. Osborne?

Duke’s expression also turned completely cold. “Mom, you better go back to Ascrialia tomorrow. I’ll ask someone to send you back.”

“I haven’t mentioned the second option,” Mrs. Winters said coldly. “It’s very simple. The two of you can get married and give the children a complete family. That is the best solution.”

As soon as she said that, Adina and Duke were stunned.

“The four kids are quadruplets, and they were born to be together. Due to the adults’ negligence, they were separated for four years. It’s very unfair to them. “I won’t allow anyone to separate them!” Mrs. Winters’ voice became colder. “No matter how others will criticize the Winters family, I won’t let you bring Alden and Melody away again, Ms. Daugherty.” Adina looked up calmly and sneered. “If I refuse to marry Duke, I won’t be qualified to be the children’s mother. Is that what you’re trying to say?”

Mrs. Winters shook her head. “You’ll always be the children’s mother, and nobody can change that. But the Winters family will not announce your status, and we will limit the number of times, as well as the duration, you can meet the kids.”

Adina’s smile grew larger, but it was filled with hostility.

After a long silence, she finally said, “I would also like to tell you something, Mrs. Winters. Nobody can force me to do anything I don’t want to.” Once she said that, she turned around and left the dining room. She brought Alden and Melody into the car before she drove away. “Duke, even if you want to send me back to Ascrialia, I’ll still stick to my point of view.” Mrs. Winters’ face darkened as she said, “Biologically-related family members should live together. Once they’re separated, they’ll turn against each other like you and your brother.” Duke’s expression was just as sullen. “Mom, we became enemies not because we didn’t live together.” “But it’s one of the reasons. If your father and I hadn’t sent Earl away, would he have turned out like that?” Mrs. Winters’ voice suddenly sounded hoarse. “Duke, I’ve rarely stuck my nose in your business all these years because I know that I don’t have the right to do it and you wouldn’t listen to me either. But this time, you have to listen to me. The four kids are quadruplets, and they’re telepathically connected. They shouldn’t be separated because of the mistakes that their parents made.”