Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 402

Chapter 402

Alden was speechless. His sister had seemingly been stolen too. He had lost their love.

Nevertheless, the family of six happily had dinner. Halfway through dinner, the sound of maids greeting someone at the same time suddenly came from the entrance. “Good evening, Mrs. Winters!”

Mrs. Winters was back.

Her birthday had been a few days ago, and ever since she returned from Ascrialia, she had been busy meeting old friends. As such, she was rarely at home.

It was considered early for her to come back at this time.

When Adina turned around and looked over, she saw Mrs. Winters walk inside, dressed in a gown.

Her fingers became a little stiff. She instantly did not know how to refer to herself as she faced Mrs. Winters.

“Grandma, you’re back!”

Harold happily pushed his chair away and jumped down. He rushed to the entrance, held Mrs. Winters’ hand, and dragged her into the dining room.

“Grandma, let me tell you. I have Mommy and a sister. I also have a younger brother now.”

Alden was at a loss for words. Was he the extra one?

“Grandma, look, isn’t my sister cute and adorable?” Harold pointed at Melody. He spoke as if he was offering her treasure. “Grandma, you should know that Mel has a very nice voice. She’s soft and sweet like cotton candy.”

Harold was extremely excited.

But Mrs. Winters quietly glanced at Adina and the two children.

She had sent people out to conduct some investigation upon discovering that there were two more children who had been neglected by the Winters family.

Adina had given birth to quadruplets that year, and that b*tch, Dew, ended up carrying the first two babies to the Winters family for glory and prosperity. Meanwhile, Adina took the other two babies overseas and only brought them back to Sea City a month ago One of the children was calm like water, while the other was exquisite like a porcelain doll. They looked exactly like the children in the Winters family. “Hello, Mrs. Winters.”

Adina stood up under Mrs. Winters’ judgmental gaze and greeted her in a neither humble nor arrogant tone. Alden stood up in front of Melody as well and shielded her from Mrs. Winters’ uncertain gaze.

“You’re Alden and Melody, right?” Mrs. Winters’ tone became softer, and her eyes were filled with affection. “Come to Grandma.”

Melody did not understand, so she hid behind Alden nervously. Alden held her hand and glanced at Adina. “Alden, this is your grandma. Go over and greet her,” Adina said gently. While she appeared calm, she was clenching her fists tightly.

She still had no idea what Mrs. Winters thought about Alden and Melody. She kept staring at them nervously from the side. Suddenly, someone patted her on her back “My mom likes Mel very much. Don’t worry,” the man next to her said in a low voice.

Mrs. Winters truly liked Melody.

During her birthday, she did not know that Melody was a member of the Winters family, but she wanted to hold the little girl in her arms.

After she discovered that this was her granddaughter, she could not suppress her fondness for the little girl.

Unfortunately, Melody seemed wary. She hid behind Alden and refused to move a step forward. “Grandma,” Alden said obediently, “Mel doesn’t like to talk. Please don’t mind her rude behavior.” Mrs. Winters looked at Alden. This boy looked very similar to George.