Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 400

Chapter 400

Earley dusted off his index finger. “Pretty much.” Adina nodded to acknowledge that she already kniew. She took out a document from her bag and indifferently said, “Since it’s just a ‘pretty much,’ that means I still have a chance. This is the chip solution that I wrote. You can have a look at it if you have the time, Mr. Wynters.”

She placed the document on the meeting desk before she turned around and left.

Earley stared at her back and only picked up the document from the table after she disappeared from the corridor.

His skin tone was slightly tan, and the ends of his fingers were dark with a thick layer of calluses.

He flipped through the documents, and they were filled with professional technical terms. Although he was not a professional technician, he had slowly started to understand that aspect of things after taking charge of this project. There was only a rough systematic framework in the proposal, and there was very little content. It also seemed a bit crude, but the angle was novel, as it was something he had never thought of before.

He tapped his finger indifferently. “Bring Mdm. Jones’ chip solution over and show it to me.” His assistant stood by his side and said, “I’ll contact Mdm. Jones now.”

Over in Jones Corporation, the secretary walked into someone’s office and respectfully said, ” Mdm. Jones, Mr. Wynters from Elitos has requested for you to send your chip design over.”

A middle-aged woman in her forties was sitting in the CEO seat. She had curly brown hair, which was tied up in a high ponytail, and she emanated the elegant temperament of a rich woman.

She glanced at the calendar. It was the day of Elitos Corporation’s bidding event.

She clicked on her hard drive, but her hand suddenly froze. “Who touched my computer?”

Her secretary was so scared that she was rooted to the spot. “Mdm. Jones, without your instruction, we wouldn’t dare touch your computer. Did something happen?”

“I lost my proposal.” Mdm. Jones narrowed her eyes. “I just finished the final draft last night, and I kept it on my hard drive.”

Her secretary immediately walked around the office desk toward her and helped to look for it. However, she could not find the proposal. She cautiously peeked at Mdm. Jones before she respectfully said, “Madam, after you finished the draft last night, I took a picture and saved it. Should we send the photos over first?”

Mdm. Jones nodded with a cold expression, and her narrowed eyes expressed her anger.

After Adina picked the children up, she drove to the Winters family villa. Since Duke already knew that George and Harold were her sons, she did not have to hide the purpose of her visit anymore.

She just wanted to keep the children company more often. Her only wish was to be with her children all the time.

She had to nurture her relationship with the two boys while Duke was in the hospital.

Unexpectedly, just as she parked her car in front of the Winters family’s villa, she saw a figure walking out from the courtyard. Duke was wearing a casual outfit, but his right hand was wrapped in layers of gauze, which hung from his neck. He looked comical. Adina frowned. The doctor had stated that he needed to stay in hospital for at least a week, but this man got discharged after less than two days. Did he take his body seriously? While she was busy frowning, Duke had already approached her. He bent down and pulled the car door open for her. Supporting the car door with his left hand, he leaned forward slightly and asked in a low voice, “Have you considered my suggestion from this morning?”