Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 399

Chapter 399

Adina recalled the staff description on the Elitos brochure. There was only one name: Mr. Earley Wynters

When this man visited her in LaStar Technology Corporation previously, he had mentioned that his name was Wynters. So, he should be the person in charge of Elitos Corporation’s project in Sea City

Elitos worked on Internet and lo’t development. They did not have anything to do with the human biological tests that Mr. Wynters had talked about before.

Adina thought of a lot of things, but it all hit her in less than a second.

The people in the meeting room simultaneously looked at her. When they saw Adina, they sighed in relief.

For some reason, Mr. Wynters hated women getting close to him. Now that this woman was there for who knows what, she could probably bear some of Mr. Wynters’ fury for them. “Ms. Daugherty?”

Earley’s gaze was cold and angry, while he flashed her an evil smile. He wheeled around in his chair before he stared at Adina in an unfriendly and intense manner. “Have you made up your mind?” Adina moved her lips and nonchalantly said, “I came here for the bidding today, but I heard that your company’s internal website is being attacked by hackers, so I made my way over to take a look.” Earley’s evil smile became brighter. “Are you here to solve the problem for me, Ms. Daugherty?”

His smile and gaze gave Adina the creeps, but she remained icy and aloof. “It looks like you don’t need my help, Mr. Wynters.” After she spoke, she turned around to leave.


Earley stood up coldly before he turned his computer screen and pushed it over.

“This is the company’s main computer. All our data is stored on this computer. Step over here.”

With that, Adina spun around and walked toward the computer. She sat in a chair, leaned forward slightly, and tapped away on the keyboard with great speed.

The Trojan horse looked familiar. There was a time when Alden had been interested in the virus, and he had simulated the same type of Trojan horse on his computer.

She still remembered Alden telling her that a Trojan horse of this type was a new virus that an overseas hacker organization would use to examine a company’s staff members.

“This is the new U-TF Trojan horse.” Adina operated the interface while she said, “They have taken control of your company’s internal system, which means they’re already accessing the

internal server. All the funds in the intranet account will be transferred by the other party along the network line. However, I have already controlled their exit route, so the money in the account has not left the country yet.” She quickly clicked on the “Enter” button a few times. Someone in the meeting room shouted, “Mr. Wynters, the funds that were gone have returned!”

“Mr. Wynters, the Trojan horse has stopped spreading.” “Don’t be happy yet. Hurry up and get your technicians to repair the loophole to avoid the hackers from taking their anger and embarrassment out on you again,” Adina indifferently. The executives in the meeting room immediately passed on the instruction. Adina only sighed in relief after she chased the hackers off the main line. She stood up and calmly said, “Strengthen the firewall. Use an S-class password. Block and get rid of all your current IP addresses.” The Technical Department’s manager immediately jotted down what she said in detail. The crisis caused by the foreign hackers was resolved silently just like that. Earley supported his arms on the meeting room desk as looked at Adina with a profound gaze, and slowly said, “Tell me, what do you want?” Adina was disgusted with his tone. She stood up and took a step back. Before she could speak, Earley said, “I know what you’re bidding for this time, but the bidding isn’t related to this. You can raise other requests.” Adina curled her lips slightly and flashed him an extremely faint smile. “I heard that the chief chip designer has already been decided?”