Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 397

Chapter 397

Elitos Corporation had just moved to Sea City. They had rented an office building but had not established their project team yet.

On this day of the large tender, not only did they have to recruit a chief programming designer, but they also needed to hire staff for the process control room, product operators, a full process planning team, technical consultants, and more. Bidding Arena 1 was a few hundred square feet, but it was filled with people who had come to bid.

Those who were qualified to bid there were the top players in their respective industries, and every one of them appeared ambitious. Adina sat in the last row. Her gaze was indifferent, and her expression was calm. Serene felt a little anxious, but when she saw how calm Adina was, she gradually relaxed as well.

“Hi, I’m the general manager of Philly Corporation. I’m here to bid for the position of general site controller. What about you?” A man, who had been sitting at the side, came over and greeted Adina. He even handed her his name card first. He was very sincere. Adina smiled faintly and said, “I’m here to bid for the position of chief designer in chip development. It’s nice to meet you.” The man was clearly stunned. “Are you Mdm. Jones?” Adina shook her head. “Why do you say so?”

The man pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “I contacted Elitos Corporation half a year ago, and I heard that the position of chief designer in chip development had already been confirmed. The last name of the designer was Jones.

Adina frowned. “Since they’ve confirmed it in advance, why is it still listed on the brochure?”

“I have no idea.” The man stroked the back of his head. He dared not look at Adina’s stunning face. “But I heard that Mdm. Jones is an expert in chip design. Apparently, she was a lecturer at Canbridge University. It’s also the reason Elitos has internally decided to recruit her.”

Adina searched her brain for a lecturer from Canbridge University, whose last name was Jones, but she could not identify anyone. She had studied in Harfard, but she frequently had project collaborations with Canbridge. She had Inuly never heard about this person. The man thought she wanted to back out, so he said in a low voice, “Isn’t the assistant chief designer position also available for bidding? I think you can give that a try.” “Thank you, I’ll consider it.”

Adana nodded and thanked the inan before slie flipped through Elitos’ brochure and read it wetully again


Right then, the host for the session went on the stage in a hurry. He appeared apologetic as he said, “Ladies and gentlemen, we are very sorry. There’s a problem with our bidding system, so the bidding probably can’t be held today. The exact time and location of the next bid will be announced. A man with a slightly bald head in the front row stood up and said, “Leave the system problem to me. I can get it fixed in five minutes.”

The host wiped some of the sweat off his face. “It’s not a normal system problem. It’s an attack from hackers. Elitos Corporation’s intranet is completely down.” Elitos Corporation’s website being attacked by hackers instantly became a sensational topic. Besides, it was not a normal attack from hackers. In less than twenty minutes, all the funds from the official website had been transferred out. The well-prepared bidders in the arena had to leave with regrets. There were many programmers who had experience in technical work, but their main focus was to write codes. Hacking was not their expertise, so they also left after they glanced around for a few minutes. “Ms. Daugherty, we should leave too,” Serene softly said after she packed up their documents. Adina shook her head and leisurely said, “Wait for me outside.” After she spoke, she passed through the corridor from the backdoor and went to Elitos Corporation’s office in her high heels. The staff members there were already in a chaotic state. “The hacker is trying to transfer $3,000,000. Please stop it. Stop it right now!” “The company account is being attacked. Please supply more manpower!”