Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 396

Chapter 396

At 2.00 pm, Serene returned and knocked on the door. Then, the two of them took the documents and prepared to go to Elitos Corporation’s office in Sea City While they walked to the elevator, they met Mr. Roberts and his secretary from the company next door.

Adina smiled and nodded to greet them. “Mr. Roberts, where are you going in a hurry?”

Just as Mr. Roberts was about to speak, his secretary cleared his throat and said, “We’re going to meet a client.”

They were going to Elitos Corporation for the bid too, but their success rate was not high, so it was not appropriate to announce it right now. It would not be too late if they won the bid later.

Adina nodded. “I have something to do as well. Goodbye then.”

The two groups entered two separate cars in front of the office building.

Then, the two cars moved toward the same destination at the same time. Half an hour later, the cars stopped. Serene pushed her car door open and got out before she also saw Mr. Roberts and his secretary step out of their car.

She subconsciously pouted. “Mr. Roberts’ secretary is really funny. They clearly came to participate in the bidding, yet he claimed that they were going to meet a client. Why? Was he afraid that we would compete against them?”

The two companies ran different businesses. She did not understand why the company next door was always guarded against them.

Serene’s voice was neither loud nor low, but it made Mr. Roberts feel slightly awkward. He turned around and glared at his secretary before he walked over, chuckled, and said, “Ms. Daugherty, what a coincidence. Let’s go in together.”

Adina was not bothered by it. Every company had its own confidentiality, so there was nothing wrong with Mr. Roberts choosing not to tell her where he was going. “Ms. Daugherty, are you bidding to be the chip vendor?” Mr. Roberts’ secretary smiled faintly and said, “I heard that Elitos wants to recruit at least thirty chip vendors. Ms. Daugherty, your chances of getting it are very high.” He was trying to say that if Adina won the bid, it would be because the quota was high. Adina naturally understood the meaning behind his words, but she did not say anything. She just spoke to Mr. Roberts as they walked to the event hall. It was the Elilos office building in Sea City, and its construction was grand as well as majestic The event had yet to start, but many company chairpersons had arrived at the lobby. They were discussing matters in small groups. “Ms Daugherty, the bidding arena for the chip vendors is on this side. It’s right next to us.” Mr. Roberts enthusiastically led Adina to the right side. Adina shook her head. “I’m going to Bidding Arena 1.”

“One?” Mr. Roberts was stunned. “Isn’t that the bidding arena for recruitment of collaborators? Why are you going there?”

Collaborators were one level higher than vendors, and they even had the right to negotiate the content of their contract with Elitos. Meanwhile, vendors were just merchants that sold products. They did not have any power, and the profit they obtained was lower. But if they could collaborate with such a huge transnational company, being a mere vendor would also be an opportunity that many small companies dreamed about.

“Ms. Daugherty, have you made a mistake?” Mr. Roberts’ secretary chuckled and said,” There’s a bid for Chief Designer in chip development in Bidding Arena 1, but it’s different from a chip vendor. Ms. Daugherty, you better not go to the wrong venue.”

Adina indifferently said, “Thank you for the reminder, but I have not made a mistake.”

She walked toward Bidding Area 1, while Serene followed her with a confused expression. “Ms. Daugherty, aren’t we going to be the chip vendor? Why—”

Adina smiled faintly. “A chip vendor’s profit is less than $100,000. It’s not worth the trip.” Serene was stunned. “But one has to prepare at least three months in advance for the position of Chief Designer in chip development…”

LaStar Technology Corporation had not even been established three months ago. What could they use to compete against the others?