Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 395

Chapter 395

The temperature in the ward instantly dropped to zero. The man in the silver mask pulled out a chair and sat down. His gaze was extremely hostile and profound. “Why? Can’t I return to Sea City?” “You better disappear in three days,” Duke firmly said. His gaze was as sharp as a knife. “I haven’t visited Mom. How can I leave so quickly?” The man chuckled. “Duke, I’m your elder brother. We’re twins. You don’t have to keep ridiculing me. It really upsets me.” Duke gritted his teeth. “You don’t deserve to be my brother.”

The man in the silver mask played around with his fingers, and his gaze gradually turned cold. “Duke Winters, I owe you nothing. Don’t you talk to me like that! If we must distinguish between right and wrong, you’re at fault too. If it weren’t for you, would I be in such a miserable state? You owe me. All of you owe me!”

The man became slightly irritated.

Duke stared at him with disdain. “You deserve it. Don’t blame everything on someone else.”

“Yes, I deserve this! You’re right. I deserve this! Haha!”

The man in the silver mask lost his cool as he broke the glass next to him, and the broken pieces of glass scattered all over.

He glanced at Duke ruthlessly before he slammed the door and left.

Duke simply lay in bed with an intense gaze as a storm rose from the depths of his eyes.

The man was his biological brother, but their characters were the complete opposite.

He only knew that he had a twin brother after he tumed fifteen.

After Adina dropped the children off, she drove to her company.

During this period of time, LaStar Technology Corporation had been growing rapidly. After the last press conference, all of the company’s chips were sold out. The company only had three projects, and they were already on track, so Adina did not need to monitor each of them personally. “Ms. Daugherty, this is Elitos Corporation’s investment project book.” Serene carried a stack of documents over, “This company is an international enterprise in Europe. They started recruiting collaborators in Sea City a few months ago, but our company was extremely busy back then, so I didn’t disturb you with this. However, the busiest time in the company has passed Hence, I was wondering if we could try to participate in the bldding?” Serene polnted at the last page of the project book and said, “They’re looking to recruit a few hundred kinds of collaborators, and I think our company fits the bill as their chip vendor. Our company also has a ready made franework. We can bring the basic version and participate in ther sidding iris afternous. What do you think, Ms. Daugherty?”

Adina took the project book from her.

The bidding would be at 3.00 pm today on a large site. They could definitely take their chip’s available framework and participate in the bidding. The rate of their success was very high.

With that said, Elitos Corporation was a huge international corporation, and the company possessed a wide range of businesses. They had a history of making a lot of money on projects. Since she wanted to collaborate with Elitos, she should not be satisfied with being a small chip vendor. She smiled faintly and said, “Okay, let’s attend it at 3.00 pm.” Adina wrote the codes the entire morning,