Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 393

Chapter 393

In the corridor outside the ward, Melody was riding a wooden horse, while the three boys surrounded her

Harold leaned forward and grinned. “Mel, I’m your brother. Come on, call me ‘Hal.’”

Melody tilted her head and softly said, “Harold.” “Hey, no. You should call me ‘Hal,” Harold corrected her. “I’m your second eldest brother. You should call me ‘Hal.” “Hal,” Melody said obediently. George walked over too. “I’m your eldest brother. Mel, can you call me ‘Georgie?”” “Georgie.” Melody was very compliant. She just said whatever they wanted her to say. Alden was quite frustrated. His mother and sister had been taken away now. He was devastated.

“This is your third eldest brother.” Harold pointed at Alden as he spoke. Alden’s face immediately darkened. He pursed his lips and said, “Harold, I’m older than you. How can you be the second eldest and I the third eldest?” “Dad said I’m older than you!” Harold shook his head pridefully. “I’m the older brother, and you’re the younger brother. You should call me ‘Hal!’”

He had been the youngest brother for so many years. He could finally salvage the situation and become the elder brother now!

It was an awesome feeling! Alden scoffed. “How could you be my brother with that IQ?” Harold puffed his chest up in defiance. “What’s wrong with my IQ? I’m really smart too, okay?”

The two children glared at each other and almost got into a fight. George felt his head ache. He used to think Alden was a mature and composed child. Why was he so childish today to the point that he actually quarreled with Harold? Harold was a dumb kid. Whoever quarreled with him would lose brain cells! George pulled the brothers apart.

All of a sudden, Melody, who was riding the wooden horse, shuddered. She got down from the wooden horse and hid behind her brothers. She just stared at the other end of the corridor with caution.

The three boys raised their heads and looked over at the same time. A man in a black suit was walking over from the end of the corridor, and his face was covered by a silver mask

The mask glowed with a cold light, appearing extraordinarily scary and creepy.