Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 389

Chapter 389

Duke looked at Alden’s face first before he glanced al Melody in the past, lic used to think about how great it would be if Melody was his biological daughter ile had thought about it more than once

Hut it turned out that she really was his daughter.

No wonder he was not resistant toward Melody in the slightest. No wonder Melody called him “Daddy”

Miel, come to Daddy.”

Dhike Wave at her She moved out of her mother’s hand before she walked toward the bed

She stated at Duke’s arm with her big eyes. His drin was wrapped in gauge, but soine blood had oozed out. It looked a litile scary.

She extended her soft finger and gently touched the wound before she blew on it. “Daddy, are you in pain” she asked softly

Dike’s heart melted. “No, I don’t feel any pain.”

He held the girl in his arms and looked at Alden who was standing at the door

1 long time ago, he had found that this boy look like George. He used to think that they looked alike because they were cousins. Only not did he realize that they were biological brothers, and they were quadruplets.

Heased his arm and said in a low voice, “Allen, come here.”

Alden pursed his lips and slowly walked over before he lowered his head and said, “Uncle

Duke ralyd his eyebrows “Uncle Duke? Didn’t your miom tell you what to call me?”

Alden pursed his lips and cliented his fists

He remained silent without answering

My dad even complimenied you for being smart. You’re not very smart!* Harold scoffed and Sajd. “You should callbum ‘D ‘My dad’s your ca. You’re not as smart as me!

Alden silently rolliliis uyest hii

He had know that for a very long time, but Kjowing it and being willing to call ukend were wdifferent things

“Aldri. Harold’s right. You should call me ‘Dad” Duke raised his art and stroked Alden’s

at He took the opportunity to pull Alden over “I’ve been negligent over the past four years for the you and Mel without the protection and love from alather, but that won’t happen anymore I’ll protect you You and Me will have whatever Gore and llarold . ”

Harold blinke “Dad, why don’t we do this Let Alden lie your son, and I’ll be Mommy’s son | | With Morniny, okay?”

*Nu!” Alle rowned and interrupted him “I don’want to live with the Winters lamily” He moved out of Duke’s grip before he stood by Adina again Duke found himself sperhiless

He looked over. Harold and Alden were standing by Adina’s side, wille George was slightly farther way, but his standing position made it clear.

The only one he ownel was the sweetheart in his ams.

Just as he felt blessed for having a child wio relied on him more, Melody moved out of his

fms and rushed into Adina’s arms. She acted as if she was alraid that her mother would throw her to the Winters Camily and abidon lien

Duke was at a loss Oh no, he had even lost his sweetheart.

Adina did not sleep well last night, and whicishe N Duke, she felt conflicted. But when she stw how the children joked around, her frustrations slowly disappeared significantly She squatted down, caressed Alden’s hair, and said, “Alden, he really is your father. Go ahead ind call liim ‘Dad.”

Alather’s love was an indispensable force in a child’s development, and that was apparent in Melody’s cae Meanwhile, Alden had a dull personality and acunning mind. If a father’s love was involved in his growtli, he might become a carefree and sunny boy too. Alden always had his own thoughts, but he still listened to Adina He pursed his lips and obediently walked over D.,” he softly said to Duke His voice was very low, and Duke would not have heard him if lielid not been paying attention. Even so, Duke did not trouble liim, Duke siniled and said, “Good boy. Alden. Here’s a gift cliat i prepared for you.”