Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 387

Chapter 387

Nrws about Daugherty Corporation occupied the headlines in Sea Clly today As soon as he lumed on the computer, all kinds of news articles popped up George simply click on the

Daugherty Corporation’s share price falls overnight as stocks collapse Countless shareholders were uitatile to sell their shares Daugherty Corporation is surrounded by its

Daugherty Carpioration’s products were found to containexcessive amounts of chemical elements. The goverment lias stepped in to investigate, and all Lulty products have been recalled

A large number of investors have pulled back funding from Daughty Corporation, so a few bir projects have been put on hold. This could possibly use Daugherty Corporation logo Bankrupt in a short time

The finalice sites were analyzing the reason for the sudden and drastic drop in Daugherty Corporation’s stack price

George understood what happened with just a glance Someone had manipulated plenty of funds and shares behind the scenes, which led to this outcoine

The incident also happened List nicht

What happened to Daugherty Corporation might have been caused by his dad.

George took out his phone and called Liam “I’m fine Transfer all the liquid funds from the company’s account and buy Daugherty Corporation’s shares. Buy as many as you can”

The price of Daugherty Corporaljon’s shares dropped last night, and it has continued to drop this morning Many people have their shares trapped, and Daugherty Corporation has been surrounded by sharcholders since morning Now’s not a good time to buy Daugherty Corporation’s shares – ”

George interrupted him. “The price of Daugherty Corporation’s shares his dropped drastically, so it will just cost a few dozen million dollars if we buy all the discrete common shares Go and get it done right now!”

His voice was firm ind unquestionable

Lum had to stop advising George After he hung up, he proceeded to buy the shares

When share prices dropped drastically, it was incredibly hard to sell then, but it was pretty Casy to buy thietti George shut down his computer, and he was about to get rekty But Harold blocked his way “George, low could you do this

George looked confused, “What did I do?”

“Dw kidnapped you and nearly killed you yesterday Why are you still trying to lielp

herty Corporation?” Haroldprite lis terthand said, “If she’s our mother, line, but she’s not Shie’s abad wonin if it weren’t for her, we wouldn’t have been separated from

Nominy for four years. How could you still buy Daugherty Corporation’s shares? You should Watch them go bankrupt!” George chuckled. “Do you think I’m buying the shares because I want to help Daugherty Corporation.”

Harold was angry. “What else could it be?”


“Dew Daugherly used to be Daugherty Corporation’s biggest shareholder, but after Adina… after our mommy returned to Sea City, Dew transferred 25% to her.”

When George said the word “Mommy,” lie felt a little embarrassed, but he still said it out loud.

He resumed. “Mommy’s also Daugherty Corporation’s biggest shareholder. If Daugherty Corporation goes bankrupt, Mommy’s going to lose a few hundred million dollars.” Harold scratched his car. “I see. I don’t understand this stuff.”

“Daugherty Corporation is going bankrupt, and about 30% of the shares can be sold. After ! buy the shares, I’ll give them to Mommy, and she’ll become Daugherty Corporation’s biggest shareholder. In other words, she’ll officially take over Daugherty Corporation,” George said calmly. “Don’t think about it if you don’t understand. I’ll go and brush my teeth now.” Harold pouled.