Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 386

Chapter 186 

Alter, she brought up the request because she wanted to cover her real purpose. But TOW, the truth was already exposed

She wondered what sort Would hit alter Duke Wils dischke

The Wisither in autumn was cool and dry.

The sunlight shone in from the window and landed on George’s cyelids, which trembled strongly before he opened its eyes

The first thing he saw was Harold’s smiling face.

“George, you’re linally wake!”

Harold smiled happily

He had sneaked into George’s room last night and accompanied hun throughout the night.

George Washlight sleeper. Whenever Harold came over in the past, George would wake up. But Last night. George slept deeply

When George came back list niplit, the back of his head was full of blood. Harold was really alrld that George would not wake up again after he fell asleep, so he luad been watching over him

“George, docs your head still hurt? Do you want me to change the dressing for you?”

Harold carried anedical kit over while he spoke with concern

George’s heari was filled with warmth. He propped himself up on the bed before he said, “I’m fine My head doesn’t hurt for now.”

Harold bit his bottom lip and spoke only after he struggled for a few minutes. “George, what happened last night? I asked Pipa Brown, but he refused to tell me when I called and questioned Uncle Liam, he said that witeli, Dew, kidnapped you last nicht George, wly would Dhew kidnap you? Why did she want to kidnap you? I’m the one who hates hier she should vent hier niet on me”

George felt

frieved, “Harold. I’m sorry”

“Garge, why are you apologizing to me all of a suxlden?”

“When you were rude toward Dew, I always thought you weren’t well-behaved and fuad bad muliers Looking back at it now, it’s my fault. I made a huge mistake.” George smiled bitterly

You can be so honest will yoursell Why did I insist on being so restrained? Why did I insist on being a good son and respecting Dew so much? For her, I even.”

He had even gone against his biological mother for her.

He had made so many mistakes, but Adina was still willing to risk her life lo save him

George, you’re confusing me” Harold stroked his chin. “Aren’t you always teaching me to yecilliw Like she’s our mother, and she gave birth to is That’s why we have to resim W whole life Why are you saying soniething like this now? What happened


She’s not our mother”

Licorge closed his eyes Ile suppressed the emotions that filled his heart and slowly sald, “I don’i know what tuppene exactly, but Dew really isn’t our mother Our biological mother is. Adina” “What?” Harold widened liis eyes in disbeller. “George, did you say that Momniny is our biological mother?”

George node He used to think that his brother wiis silly and cute because Harold called his own blological mother the evil witch, “bui lie called his mother’s enemiy “Mominy.”

But now he discovered that lie was actually the Idiot

Harold’s Intuition had been accurate since he could pinpoint Adina from thousands of people, and coincidentally. Adina luftled out to be their blological mother.

Harold was the most brilliant person.

“oh, my gosh! Aunt Adina is my mommy!” Harold paced back and forth while he talked incoherently. “If Aunt Adina’s my mother, then Mel’s my sister Oli, God! Is this truc?”

When George saw the way Harold looked, he smiled and sliook his head.

He pulled his blanket away, got up, and sat in front of his desk before he switched on his computer