Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 385

Chapter 385 

Adina recalled that night four years ago. George and Harold had exited her belly one after another, and the boys were only as big as a palm when they were born.

other babies had chubby faces when they were born, but the boys’ faces were the opposite Their cheeks were deeply sunken, and they were as skinny as monkeys. When she looked back on it now, she realized that the boys’ skinny features at that time actually resembled Duke’s.

She slowly caressed George’s cheek. It was her first time being so close to George. This was her eldest son.

She then moved her hand toward George’s brows. There were some wrinkles due to his frown.

This boy had grown up too early. He bore many things that he should not have. “No! No…” the sleeping George suddenly muttered. Adina held his hand and softly said, “George, don’t be afraid. Mommy’s here. I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

She bent down and laissed George’s forehead.

George was comforted, so he fell asleep again.

Only then did Adina leave the room and go downstairs quietly.

“Harold, it’s late, so we’ll go back first. I’ll come over tomorrow, okay?”

Harold felt anxious the whole night. The more anxious he felt, the more he dared not act presumptuously and lose his temper.

He sent Adina and the children out before he waved obediently. “See you tomorrow, Mommy.”

Adina gave him a gentle smile before she got into the car. Then, she drove it steadily on the road.

Melody was exhausted. She leaned on Alden’s knees and fell asleep. However, the girl did not sleep soundly, turning from time to time

Alden protected his sister’s head as he was worried that his sister would hit her head.

“Mommy, is Uncle Duke really alright?” he raised his gaze and asked in a low voice

Adina pretended to be at ease. “He doesn’t have major injuries, so he’s fine. The doctor mentioned that he can be discharged in about five days.”

“Monimy, what’s on your mind?” Alden slowly asked. “Uncle Duke is our biological father His sons are also your biological sons What are you planning to do next?” Adina looked ahead, and her eyes seemed to be lost, which was a rare thing. She rarely felt lost No matter what she faced, she used to be very clear on what to do

But now, she really had no idea what she should do

“What about you, Alden? What do you think about all this?” she asked.

“1” Alden did not know what to say. Whenever he read educational books, he could understand their contents very quickly.

However, whenever he read a novel, he would not understand the emotional interaction between the male and female leads.

It was the same now. He could not understand what his mother felt for Duke.

He looked down and said, “I misunderstood Uncle Duke in the past, so I didn’t like you being with him. But now… the misunderstanding’s been cleared, and I think he’s a good person. If you want to be with him or marry him to build a family, I’ll support you unconditionally. It doesn’t matter what choice you make.”

Marry him? Build a family?

Adina was taken aback for a while. She had never thought of that. The only thing she was thinking about was whether she still wanted to be Duke’s girlfriend.