Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 384

Chapter 384

Duke leaned against the bed while he stared at hier indifferently. His dark pupils reflected her ligure

she did not owe him anything

He was the one who owed her

He had mistaken the imposter for someone else four years ago

He had allowed his two sons to acknowledge that wicked woman as their mother.

He had caused Alden and Melody to not have a father since they were little

He had made Adina suffer so much alone.

“I’m sorry.”

Duke moved his lips and slowly said.

Adina pursed her lips. This man saved her life and had just regained consciousness How could she lose her temperat him?

She suppressed the emotions that filled her heart. Just as she was about to speak, Mr Browt knocked on the door and entered the ward. “Ms Daugherty, Ms. Melody has been looking for you Please hurry back I’ll take care of the master here”

Adina swallowed her unspoken Words before she replied with a straight face, “In that case, I’ll go back firsi.”

She turned around, walked out of the ward, and slowly closed the door

“Master, how are you? Are you feeling better now?” Mr Brown asked respectfully

“It’s just a light injury. It’s nothing.” Duke responded indifferently “How is it going with Dew”

*She intended to kidnap and murder That’s a serious crime, so the sentence should be at least cight years But I called the police chief, and I guess she might be sentenced to more than fifteen years behind bars in the end”

Duke sheered

It would only be fifteen years. It was a real bargain for her!

Nevertheless, by the time Dew got out of prison fifteen years later, half of her life would have passed, and her life would also be ruined

“This became quite a big fuss, but I’ve suppressed the news” Mr Brown tried to probe Master. I still don’t understand why Ms Daugherty would kidnap Young Master George He’s Twer brological son’ Even wild beasts look after their young Whal the hell is wrong with her to ladnap her own con?”

“She isn’t George and Harold’s mother She put on a false front four years ago, and the

Laterly report was also a far one.” Duke sild with a steely expression

Mt Brown was completely stunned.

Adina drove to the Winters family villa.

It was already 10.00 pm. It was very late, and there were few cars on the panoramic road.

She pushed the car door open, and the servants were already waiting at the entrance. They invited her inside respectfully. Alden, Harold, and Melody were sitting on the living room floor while playing with building blocks. Harold would usually have a bright smile, but his expression appeared a little gloomy today. When she went inside, the boy put down the building blocks and walked over. His eyes immediately became teary. “Mommy, is my dad still in the hospital?” **Your dad is fine.” Adina caressed his face. “I’ll bring you to the hospital to visit your dad, okay? Don’t cry.” Harold sniffed and stopped crying. “Where’s your brother?” Adina asked in a low voice. Harold pointed at the upper floor. Adina only went upstairs after she stroked Alden and Melody’s hair.

She gently pushed the bedroom door open. The lamps in the room were off, so she could just vaguely see a boy lying in bed with the lights outside the window.

She then walked over gingerly and sat by the bed. Adina could not help but reach out to touch Harold’s face.