Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 383

Chapter 383 

Adina looked at Duke, and she sighed heavily.

This man was really good-looking. Even if he was bedridden with a pale face, he still emitted an aura that was unapproachable.

He was such a noble person. Why did he take the bullets for her?

Her aim in approaching him was for the kids.

But this man seemed to have really fallen for her.

Even if he did not fall for her, he might have already been interested in her

Adina massaged her forehead.

Duke already knew that she was George and Harold’s biological mother, and he should have also known that Alden and Melody were the kids of the Winters family.

What would this man do next?

Would he ask her to return the two kids to the Winters family to acknowledge their original family, like Tyson did?

She could bring herself to think about this. When she thought about the details, her hands shook.

Her greatest fear was that someone would steal her kids

from her.


If… Duke insisted on stealing the custody from her, she really stood no chance of winning.


Suddenly, Duke’s weak voice was heard.

Adina immediately stood up, got a glass of warm water, and came over. She sat by the bed, helped Duke up by supporting his shoulder, and carefully put the glass to his lips.

Only after Duke drank half of the glass of water did she let go of him. She turned around and went to wash the glass.

She did not know how she should face Duke, so she tried her best to wash the glass as long as possible. She dawdled for five or six minutes before returning to the ward again.

Duke quietly stared at her figure. He kept staring at her, which made her feel uncomfortable.

She pulled out a chair and sat down before she stammered while asking, “When… when did you know about this?”

“5 p.m. last night.” Duke’s voice was a little hoarse. “When I went to LaStar Technology Corporation to look for you, I overheard your phone conversation.”

Adina immediately pursed her lips.

So, this man went to trouble Dew as soon as he knew the truth?

Then, he triggered Dew, which then caused George to be kidnapped?

He was so impulsive!

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Duke slowly said, “I was fooled for four years. When I knew the truth, I even suspected if George and Harold are my sons.”

Adina looked down.

“I didn’t do the paternity test. I didn’t know whether it was real or not, so I dared not simply tell you.”

She secretly clenched her palms, and she dared not say anything else.

Duke stared at her for a while before he suddenly chuckled.” Adina, you suggested letting me be your boyfriend because you wanted to get close to George and Harold, right? You knew Tyson is not the kids’ father, but you let my guard down, using the lawsuit as the excuse. You’re afraid of me stealing the custody of Alden and Mel after you tell me, right?”

When Adina’s secret that was buried in her heart was suddenly exposed, she immediately raised her head.

She stared at Duke’s eyes, and she firmly said, “That’s right. I asked to be your girlfriend, only because of George and Harold! They are my sons, my sons whom I’ve lost for four years! I didn’t look after them, and I didn’t pamper them. I

owe them too much. But Duke Winters, I owe you nothing! You have no qualifications, nor are you in the position to question me in this tone!”

If it was not for this man, her beautiful life would not have stopped at 18. 1

If it was not for this man, she would not have lost the most precious thing for a girl.

If it was not for this man, she would not have lived such a painful life over the past five years.

All her pain and misery were given by this man. Who was he here to question her?

The air slowly froze, and the temperature in the ward plummeted.