Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 376

Chapter 376 

“Duke, you can come to me if you have any problem, just do not touch my mother!” Dew yelled until she almost lost her voice, “If you approach the Daugherty Corporation and my parents again, I’II—”

She looked into the car. A four-year-old child lay in the back seat.

She had just lost her control and pushed George. His head knocked on a stone at the roadside, then he passed out instantly.

She was frightened. She wanted to get far away because she was worried that if something happened to George, Duke would look for her once more.

However, the shares in her hands were now worthless due to the Daugherty Corporation stock price drop. She did not even have the money to leave the country!

“George is now in my hands. If you dare to lay your hands on my mother and the Daugherty Corporation, I will let you never see George again in this life!”

After Dew finished speaking angrily, she immediately hung up.

After finishing her words, she regretted it again.

She had never intended to harm George, but she was now stuck in this predicament.

If Duke came over and found George hurt like this, she would be in trouble.

Dew quickly opened the car door, climbed inside, and sped off.

At that moment, Duke’s face looked just like it had been covered with a layer of frost

His gaze had turned into a sharp blade. Ruby held the phone and said, “Duke, Dew would never dare to do this. She was only speaking out of rage! She loves George so much that she could not possibly do that to him. Do not take her impulsive words to heart.”

Duke kicked Ruby out of the way and sat in front of the office computer.

He connected his cell phone to the office computer and quickly located…

In the Winters family’s mansion,

The night was no longer young.

Adina’s thoughts were weighing heavily on her.

Even Harold, who had always lacked empathy, was slumped over the sofa, listless and exhausted. His eyes vacantly looked out of the window.

Alden sat on the floor with his laptop in hand and moved swiftly across the keyboard.

Ten minutes later, he raised his head and said, “Mommy, I’ve located George. He is moving fast now. He should be in a car.”

He tracked George’s cell phone with the aid of hacking technology. The locator was bound to George’s sim card, so he could accurately lock George’s location.

Adina transferred the locator to her phone. After taking a moment to study the map, she started to appear more serious.

“It’s so late now. Why would Georgie go to the jetty on the outskirts?”

She had been to that jetty when she was still a child. The jetty was once prosperous for a time, but it was now abandoned. The coastal environment there was polluted, and after the factories moved away, fewer people visited there.

“Mommy, my heart feels awful right now.” Harold rubbed over the location of his heart. “I keep on feeling as if something bad has happened.”

“Harold, be good. You are just hungry. Take Sister Mel along to eat something. Okay?” Adina smiled softly as she spoke.

She then winked at Mr. Brown, who put his concerns aside and carried Harold and Mel towards the dining table.

“Alden, mommy is going out. You stay home and take good care of your sister.”

Adina stood up and headed out.

The uneasy feeling in her heart was getting stronger and

stronger. She had to go and find George.

“Mommy, I’ll go with you.”