Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 373

Chapter 373 

“George, listen to me.”

Dew took a few steps forward and grabbed onto George’s arms once again.

George instantly fought to escape, but because he was only four years old and had limited strength, he was unable to do so.

“I’m your mother, your birth mother. You have to accept that! Can’t you see the effort and sacrifices I made for the both of you throughout these past four years? I looked after the two of you and waited for Duke for four years. Why didn’t I get anything!” 1

Dew’s face was growing visibly unhinged by the minute.

George’s little eyebrows furrowed as he said, “You have indeed been Harold and I’s mother for four years, but are you truly deserving of the title? Do you remember how you treated Harold and me on the day we turned one? When nobody is around, you would call us “illegitimate children.” Even if someone was present, you would sneakily pinch our arms. How could you be so cruel to us when we were only a year old at the time?

“Over time, Harold and I gradually grew up, and you stopped the discreet abuse. However, when you had calls with the Daugherty family, we frequently overheard you berating us for troubling you. You constantly complain in my face that Harold doesn’t respect you, but who or what about you deserves Harold’s

respect? I wouldn’t even call you our mother if it weren’t for you giving birth to us!”

Dew was completely stunned.

She did abuse George and Harold before, but that was more than three years ago. How were these two kids able to recall all this? 1

She had already controlled her behavior by the time they were capable of remembering things. She believed she had done a fantastic job of hiding it, but it turned out that the two kids already knew about her hatred and frustration towards them.

“I’ve tried to come up with explanations for why you dislike Harold and me so much. I thought of many reasons, but I never considered the possibility that we may not even be your actual sons.”

George’s eyes were full of disbelief.

He had never really considered this possibility, but it had actually occurred.

Dew might not have admitted it, but he was already sure it was the truth.

So, who was the real mother of him and Harold?

“It’s not like that, George.” Dew shook her head and said, “I’ve done DNA tests, you really are my biological son!”

Although George was disappointed, he also rejoiced.

He was fortunate that this woman was not his birth mother,

since he would have felt despair if he had to get involved with Dew for the rest of his life.

Now that Dew had no connections with him, he did not have to force himself to deal with her anymore.

He stared at Dew coldly and walked away.

“Stop right there, George! Stop!”

Dew chased after him and grabbed his shoulders. “I raised and looked after both Harold and you for four years. How could you just walk away like that? Is that how you want to repay me for the four years I spent taking care of you?”

George scanned her neck coldly and calmly asked, “Did my Daddy do that to you, Dew?”

Dew flinched in surprise when he stopped calling her mother and started calling her by name.

Even George had given up on her. Would she be able to survive?

“You not only tricked me and Harold for four years, but also tricked Daddy as well. We were fooled by you for four years.

“What Daddy did to you was all your fault, and you deserve it,” George said slowly.


Dew raised her hand and was about to slap him.

The reason she brought him here was to find a way to survive. Not to be chastised like that!

She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. She was about to speak when the phone in George’s pocket started ringing.

The phone’s ringtone sounded particularly loud in the quiet night.

George took out his phone and looked at the caller ID. It was Adina.

“Don’t answer it!”

Dew’s eyes widened, and she immediately snatched away the phone and dropped the call.

George looked up calmly and said, “Give me my phone back.”