Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 370

Chapter 370 

What if they reveal the truth about the children, only for it to not end up being the answer Duke wanted?

The atmosphere in the office was eerily quiet.

Minute by minute, time passed,

Adina was almost ready to head home after picking up the two kids from preschool, but she changed her mind and went to the Winters family’s mansion instead.

No matter how Madam Winters treated her, she was still obligated to keep her promise to Harold.

She was focused on driving at the front, but was momentarily distracted when she heard Alden ask, “What’s wrong, Mel? Are you feeling alright?”

Adina peeked at the rearview mirror and saw Mel, who had always sat quietly, was now squirming in her seat and looking agitated.

“Mel, tell mommy, what’s wrong?”

Adina slowed down the car and asked softly.

Melody shook her head and said in a small voice while hugging a cushion, “I’m not feeling sick.”

There just seemed to be a general sense of unease.

After a pause, she continued softly. “Mommy, where’s daddy?”

Before she went to sleep the night before, her daddy had promised her that he would pick her up from school.

“Your daddy had something to do and went home first. You can see him when we get home later,” Adina said with a gentle smile.

After hearing that, Melody’s expression brightened a little.

Adina smiled in relief.

Recently, Melody seemed less like an autistic child as she grew closer to Duke.

Although she was still hesitant to talk, she was willing to calli her mommy and her brothers, while opening up to trying out new things. She was slowly starting to look like a normal four year-old.

About seven in the evening, the car pulled up at the entrance to the Winters family’s mansion.

Mr. Brown was politely waiting at the entrance. “Ms. Adina, you were ten minutes late today. I thought you were not coming.”

“I had things to tend to just now,” Adina said while holding the two kids’ hands. “Is Madam Winters home?”

“Madam Winters is attending a charity event tonight, and she probably won’t be back until ten.” Mr. Brown lowered his head and smiled. “Miss Melody, can you give Papa Brown a hug?”

Melody spread her arms wide and let Mr. Brown carry her.

“Mel! Mommy!”

Harold raced out from the mansion cheerfully and flung himself onto Adina with both arms and legs like a little monkey.

With a pout, he said, “I’ve been feeling worried and uneasy since

six o’clock. I thought you weren’t coming tonight, Mommy.”

Adina was about to soothe him, but she suddenly stopped in her tracks.

‘Didn’t Mel feel uncomfortable on the way here as well?’

She lowered her head to look at Alden and asked, “Do you feel any discomfort, Al?”

Alden pursed his lips and said, “I feel a little stuffy. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s about to rain, but I do feel a little uneasy.”

Mr. Brown, who was carrying Melody, chuckled and said, “I just checked the weather forecast, and it says it’s going to be clear for these few days. It’ll only rain the day after tomorrow.”

Adina’s fingers stiffened.

‘All three of the kids are feeling uneasy. Is something going to happen?’

She looked up and said, “Mr. Brown, can you please call Georgie and ask him where he is right now?”