Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 369

Chapter 369

As the saying goes, one should not wash their dirty linen in public. As intense as Aaron and Ruby’s argument was, it was now impossible for them to continue after Duke showed up.

Aaron straightened the collar of his shirt, cleared his throat, and asked, “What brings you here at the company at such a late hour, Duke? It is something important, I presume?” Duke’s lips curled into a cold smirk. “I have something I wanted to ask you.”

“You can ask us anything, Duke,” Ruby said with a smile. “As long as I know the answer, I’ll definitely tell you everything I know.”

“I’ve never got the chance to ask this before, but which hospital were George and Harold born in?” The grin on Duke’s face slowly grew wider as he asked. “I asked Dew, but she said she had forgotten.”


The smile on Ruby’s face immediately dropped. Her eyes darted in every direction and she avoided looking at Duke as she spoke. “That happened four years ago, who still remembers it so clearly? Oh, right, why are you suddenly asking about this, Duke?”

Duke cast a glance towards Aaron and coldly asked, “Did Mr. Daugherty forget about it too?”

After receiving such an intense gaze from Duke, Aaron felt his chest tightening up. He was unsure of Duke’s reasons for asking those questions, but he had to be careful not to let him catch any dirt.

After a brief pause, he said, “Everything happened too suddenly that day, and Dew gave birth to the two kids before she was even taken to the hospital. They were born at home, and the servants were in charge of delivering the birth.”.

“But Dew has always said that she bled heavily on the day she gave birth. If she had given birth at home, how was that situation sorted out?” Duke smirked as he said.

His words had left Aaron speechless.

Dew had consistently brought that up to make sure George remained obedient. Who would have thought that Duke would ask about the past four years later?

“We also have a family doctor, and the bleeding stopped on that very night,” Ruby chuckled dryly. “Did someone say anything weird to you, Duke? Here, drink some water and calm down.” 

She handed Duke the glass of water that the secretary had just poured for him.

Duke received the glass of water, then abruptly let go of it, causing the glass to shatter. Shards of glass flew all over the place.

Ruby and Aaron had long suspected that Duke had not shown up with good intentions, and their suspicions were confirmed when the glass hit the ground.

Aaron frowned. “Duke, you can just cut to the chase. What exactly are you trying to ask? Don’t try to cause a scene in my office! Although our family is not comparable to the Winters, I am

still George and Harold’s grandfather. So, I suggest that you be careful with your words and actions.”

“I know that you really are their grandfather but,” Duke turned to look at Ruby ancontinued, “I’m not too sure if you are really their grandmother.”

While saying that, his gaze was as if he were staring at a dead person. Ruby took a step back subconsciously because she felt like all of her wrongdoings were about to be revealed.

At that precise moment, the secretary rapidly knocked on the door.

Aaron was considering not letting the secretary barge in at this time due to the tense atmosphere, but he heard Duke chuckling lightly while saying, “Come in.”

As soon as he was done speaking, the secretary walked in and anxiously said, “Mr. Daugherty, something bad is happening. The stocks of our company fell by three percent as a result of a trader scalping the market. We lost at least fifty million in just thirty minutes, and the numbers are still rising.” “What did you just say?!” Aaron’s expression suddenly changed. “Go find out who the fuck is targeting Daugherty Corporation.” “There’s no need for that,” Duke said with a cold laugh. He peeked at his watch and added, “After another thirty minutes, Daugherty Corporation’s stocks will hit another bracket lower.”

“Duke, are you crazy? Why are you targeting our company? What advantage can you get from

· allowing traders to manipulate stocks?” Ruby exclaimed as she turned pale from shock “You really don’t know the reason?” Aaron said as he pulled out a chair and sat down. “There are still thirty minutes until the stock hits the limit down, so you two can take time and think properly about what you did to offend me. If you come clean on your own record, I can still let Daugherty Corporation off the hook. However, if you choose to be stubborn, then – ” As he spoke, a nasty smirk appeared on his face. Both Ruby and Aaron felt chills running down their spines. They already had a vague idea of the cause behind it, but they were not quite certain.