Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 366

Chapter 366

George was extraordinarily smart. He had always assumed that George inherited his intelligence. He took pride in his high intelligence, yet he had been deceived by a woman for four years.

When this woman showed up in front of him four years ago with two children in her arms and a paternity test report, he believed her. This woman was his sons‘ biological mother. Therefore, he tolerated the presence of such a woman in his life.

However, all of this turned out to be a lie.

Duke tightened his grip on her neck as he thought about that. “Adina is lying to you. The truth is not what she said. I really am George’s mother.”

Dew managed to get some air and tried to lie her way out of it.

She felt like she was dying. If she did not break free from this man‘s grip soon, she was certain that she would die here today. Adina had clearly promised her yesterday that she would keep the secret, so how did Duke find out today?

That b*tch must have said those words just to make her put her guard down. It was all Adina‘s fault that she was in this situation now! “Duke, we did the paternity test. I am their mother.” Dew continued to gasp for air as she said, “Haven‘t you seen my contribution to the children over the past four years? How can you denounce everything that I have done for them just because of what Adina said?”

Duke‘s gaze had turned as sharp as a knife.

He had been sure that Adina was the children‘s mother the moment he heard what Adina said.

Even if there was no evidence to prove that, he was adamant about it. Adina carried the exact scent of that woman from five years ago.

Harold was so attached to Adina.

He had no resistance to Melody. Melody called him Daddy There were many, many more concrete facts that raced through his mind.

Adina was the woman who slept with him that night.

Adina was the mother of George and Harold.

Melody and Alden were his children. He had missed out on four years of his woman and his children‘s life.

It was all because of Dew!

His eyes filled with a strong murderous intent. His grip continued to tighten. It was getting harder for her to breathe. Dew finally understood what it was like to be suffocated. She opened her mouth wide and breathed in the air greedily, but she was being grabbed by the neck The air in her chest cavity was squeezed out just as quickly as it entered. “H–Help!”

Dew slumped to the floor. She raised her hand and slapped the table lamp to the ground.

However, the servants outside did not have the courage to come in. Madam Daugherty was not home either.

No one in the large villa of the Daugherty family could come to save her. Duke loosened his grip in disgust as he noticed her face turning pale and her breathing becoming shallow. He stared down at her and said, “I will give you one last chance.”

Dew clutched her neck, gasping for air. She had literally just escaped the jaws of death. She had experienced what it was like to die.

This man wanted to kill her. He really wanted her dead!

If she continued to lie to him, there was no way she would live to see another day!