Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 355

Chapter 355

Dow’s lips became completely pale

She had never been afraid of Adina She was just terrified of Duke

That man was ruthless and cold frearted He showed no mercy this enemies, if he discovered that she had deceived him for four years, he would kill her

“Adina, help me.” Dew grabbed Adina’s hand and begged her in a low volce, Her dreams of becoming the mistress of the Winters family were broken Now she just wanted to stay alive and retain the Daugherty family’s wealth and prosperity, “Duke still doesn’t know about the kids,” Adina nald Indifferently.

Dew sighed in relief. As long as Duke still did not know, there were still countless possibilities,

She tried to ask, “So, besides you, who else known about this?”

Adina was aware of what Dew was planning, She scoffed and said, “Are you going to kill everyone who knows about this so that you can keep it a secret forever?

Dew was stunned.

“I’ve already written an email, and a DNA report is attached to it. If something happens to me,

that email will be automatically sent to the mailbox of all the Winters family members,” Adina

  • said nonchalantly. “If you dare to hurt me, your biggest secret will be exposed.”

Dew shook in anger.

She had never felt that angry and anxious before. She wanted to strangle Adina to death so badly.

“I can help you keep this a secret for the time being, but the condition is you have to behave yourself and not hurt my kids.” Adina scoffed. “As long as you stay away from the kids, I can guarantee that Duke won’t know about it for now.”

Dew slowly calmed down.

She looked at Adina’s smile and slowly asked, “Why don’t you tell Duke about the kids? If he knows that you’re George and Harold’s biological mother, and he still has a son and a daughter, perhaps you can marry into the Winters family and become the family’s mistress.”

“Do you think everyone loves money and fame like you?” Adina fiddled with the coffee cup and coldly said, “I’m not interested in becoming Mrs. Winters.”

Dew narrowed her eyes. “You don’t like Duke?”

“If it weren’t because of the kids, I wouldn’t deal with him at all,” Adina said indifferently.” I’m keeping this secret because I don’t want to get involved in the conflicts of the Winters family for the children’s sake. It just so happens that it will spare you from being held accountable by Duke in the meantime. It’s a win-win situation. I hope you can suppress your urge to do bad things and not trigger me.”

She did not want to expose the truth because she did not want Alden and Melody to be taken

from her.

Before she came up with a solution, she would not let Duke know about the children.

Dew lowered her head and drank some coffee before she nodded in agreement.

As long as Duke had no idea about it, she was still safe.

She would be able to come up with a solution and get away.

Duke passed Catherine’s birthday gift to Mrs. Winters.

The banquet had already ended by then. Most of the guests had left the banquet hall, and only a few people were still chatting there.

Mrs. Winters asked the servant to keep her birthday gifts. When she saw Duke turning around to leave, she perfunctorily said, “Wait, I want to ask you a few questions.”

Duke looked at the balcony where Adina had been. It was empty. Where did the woman go? Had she gone back home?

“Is Ms. Adina Daugherty the woman you like?” Mrs. Winters’ voice was sharp. “You don’t want to marry the boys’ biological mother, but you want to marry the boys’ aunt?”