Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 350

Chapter 350

Dew narrowed her eyes. “What are you planning to do?” “Nothing. I just want to have a casual chat with you. See you on the balcony once the party is almost over.”

Adina waved at Dew before she held her wine glass and went to the second floor.

The four children were playing with an extremely difficult puzzle on the second floor, and they were getting along harmoniously.

A few minutes after she accompanied the kids, the banquet downstairs officially started, so she stood up and walked downstairs.

All the guests had arrived. There were about seventy guests, and every corner of the living room was full of guests who chatted in groups. Duke was also talking to a few business clients.

Adina instantly spotted him.

This man would always be the most dazzling person in the crowd no matter where he was.

Naturally, the most beautiful woman of Sea City would also be the most dazzling person in the crowd no matter where she was.

As soon as she went downstairs, men came over and hit on her.

Adina turned them down with a fake smile.

Halfway through the banquet, Dew walked onto the stage.

“Today is Aunt Mabel’s birthday, and I prepared a piano performance just for her. I wish you a happy birthday and many happy returns.”

After Dew spoke decently, she sat in front of the piano.

She had spent the whole night with Mrs. Winters, so the guests in the banquet hall automatically thought that she would be the future mistress of the Winters family.

Now that she was performing, it confirmed her status.

Since she was the future mistress, the crowd in the hall clapped as a sign of respect.

Dew closed her eyes and played a happy song on the piano. Her piano playing skills were great. She had also been practicing her piano playing a lot recently, so one could say that her skills were at their peak. When her performance ended, the audience subconsciously gave her a round of applause.

The people who attended the birthday party roughly knew about the piano.

They had either learned it from a young age, or they understood it because some children in their families practiced it.

When they heard the song that Dew had played, they were extremely surprised.

“Ms. Daugherty, you played the piano piece so well that I nearly thought it was a live performance by a master.”

“Ms. Daugherty, you have such a high level of mastery over the piano. You must have already passed Grade 8, right?” That was a question from someone who was not familiar with the piano.

Dew pursed her lips, smiled, and said, “1 have a Grade 10 certificate for my piano, but it’s actually nothing. It’s not that difficult.”

“Grade 10 in the piano isn’t difficult? My daughter has been learning for about eight years, but she has only passed Grade 6.”

“I heard that Grade 10 piano is of expert level. Ms. Daugherty, you’ve achieved such a high level at such a young age. You’re a piano genius!”

The crowd kept flattering her.

Dew raised her chin confidently. The previous piano tour had given her back her confidence.

Ms. Alice had told her that not many local young pianists could be on par with her. As long as she worked hard and practiced more, she would become a master in the piano world.

When she looked around, she spotted Adina.

Adina was leaning on the railing and standing with a glass of wine in her hand. She had a casual and lazy expression as if she was not paying attention to anything.

Dew suddenly chuckled. “Please don’t compliment me. Actually, Grade 10 piano is really easy. My sister obtained the Grade 10 certificate when she was a teenager. She’s much better at playing the piano than me.”