Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 345

Chapter 345

Mrs. Winters wore a dark purple dress, which made her look more noble and indisputable.

“Aunt Mabel, you look at least ten years young in this outfit.”

Dew stood at the side while she complimented Mrs. Winters.

Anyone would enjoy receiving compliments, especially an aging woman.

Mrs. Winters flashed her a smile and nonchalantly said, “You look very beautiful today as well. You look like a lady.”

While the two of them spoke, someone pushed the room door open. A few relatives of the Winters family walked in together. “ Mabel, it’s been a few years since we last met. How is it that you look much younger now? I’m three years younger than you, but I look ten years older than you.”

Mrs. Winters’ smile became brighter. “Alright, stop flattering me. The banquet hasn’t even started yet. Please have a seat in the lounge for a moment.”

The makeup artist was still doing Mrs. Winters’ hair, so her relatives sat at the side and started chatting. While they chatted, the women discreetly glanced at Dew. They sized her up and checked her out as if they were guessing who she was.

Dew was not sure whether these relatives knew about George and Harold, so she dared not simply talk to them. She held a cup and sat properly, only responding to them from time to time.

“Mabel, Duke has been doing excellently all these years. After

Winters Corporation was handed over to him, it experienced great development. He’s become increasingly successful, and he makes my brat look so disappointing!” A distant relative sighed and said, “Mabel, can you ask Duke to help arrange a position in the company for my brat? People always say that when brothers work together, they can overcome anything. My son isn’t capable, but he’s very loyal. If he joins the company, he’ll solve a lot of problems for Duke! ”

Right after this lady spoke, someone at the side scoffed.

It was another lady who had a closer relationship with the Winters family. She took a sip of the tea and said, “Duke and Charles aren’t brothers. There are countless generations between them…”

“If Duke’s biological brother were here, it would be none of Charles ’ business. But Earl got into that…”

Halfway through her sentence, Mrs. Winters glanced over coldly.

That lady realized that she had said something wrong. She was so scared that she immediately swallowed the rest of her words. She held her teacup and tried her best to reduce her presence.

But Dew was stunned.

She had apparently heard of the name, “Earl Winters.” She used to think that he was a distant relative of the Winters family.

Was Earl Duke’s biological brother?

Was Duke not the only heir of the Winters family? What was up with Earl?

Dew glanced at Mrs. Winters and noticed that Mrs. Winters, who had been smiling earlier, was now cold. Her gaze had become unfriendly.

It looked like Earl was a taboo subject for Mrs. Winters.

Dew looked down, smiled, and said, “Aunt Mabel, now that your hair is done, you look so much more exuberant. You look even younger than forty.”

Her remarks broke the cold atmosphere in the lounge.

The rich ladies at the side flattered Mrs. Winters too. “Mabel, you’re gorgeous today. When we stand beside you, we look like maids.”

“I think many guests have arrived. Mabel, let’s go downstairs together.”

The cold atmosphere dissipated, and Mrs. Winters schooled her expression. She stood up and walked downstairs with the ladies.

Dew stood beside Mrs. Winters and carefully supported her arm. She even talked intimately to Mrs. Winters. The ladies of the Winters family had more guesses, but they dared not ask for confirmation. After all, they had never met this lady and seen her show up in the circle of rich families. A lady with a normal family background would unlikely become the next mistress of the Winters family.

Once the group went downstairs, Duke walked up to them.

He was wearing a silvery-gray suit, and he looked noble from head to toe like a prince who had stepped out of a fairy tale.

Dew stared at him in a daze, and her eyes were filled with obsession.