Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 343

Chapter 343


Dew’s tears instantly flowed.

She covered her lips and sobbed as she said, “The kids have been growing up in the Winters family, and I rarely come over, so it makes sense that they’re not close to me. Aunt Mabie, don’t punish Hal anymore. The more he’s punished, the more distant he is from me. I better return to the Daugherty family home. I’ll come back tomorrow to celebrate your birthday.”

“Stay,” Mrs. Winters said indifferently.

She wanted to see what was going on between Harold and Dew.

Dew lowered her head and flashed a prideful smile.

It had been four years, and she was finally able to stay overnight in the Winters family villa. It looked like she had taken the right step.

Right then, the door of the study on the second floor opened.

Duke heard the noise, so he walked downstairs. “Mom, what happened?”

He cast an indifferent glance at Dew.

Mrs. Winters looked sideways at Duke and stoically asked, “What’s going on with Harold? Has his attitude toward his mother been this terrible?”

Duke pursed his lips. “Mom, you don’t have to concern yourself with this.”

He used to care about Harold acting that way toward Dew.

But later, he realized that a person like Dew only deserved to be treated with such an attitude.

“Yes, Aunt Mabie, you better not worry about this.” Dew forced a smile. “When Hal grows up, he’ll naturally behave himself.”

When Mrs. Winters saw that the two of them had the same opinion, she suddenly felt that they looked like a couple.

No matter what, Duke and Dew had children together. If they could get married, it would kind of be a happy ending.

“Duke, I’m going to be sixty years old after my birthday. Shouldn’t you think about yourself?” Mrs. Winters asked casually.

Duke raised his head indifferently. “What do you mean, Mom?”

“Dew has waited for you for four years, and she’s even given you two sons.”

The moment Mrs. Winters said that, Dew pursed her lips and smiled. Her hard work over the last three days was paying off.

As long as Mrs. Winters was on her side, she would become the mistress of the Winters family soon.

However, before Mrs. Winters could finish speaking, Duke interrupted her. “Speaking of which, I’d also like to ask Ms. Daugherty about something.”

Dew looked up and showed her most elegant and sensible side. “ Duke, you can ask me anything you want. I ’ll tell you everything I know.”

“Five years ago, in the Grand Emperor Hotel, how did you end up in my room?” Duke stared at her and firmly asked, “Also, why did you disappear the next morning?”

Dew’s heart trembled.

How could she know the details from five years ago?

She wanted to ask how that b*tch, Adina, could sleep on Duke’s bed that night too.

Before Duke’s sharp gaze, Dew dared not overthink it.

She was afraid that all her thoughts would be exposed.

“Duke, I really don’t remember.” Dew’s lips trembled. “It was my sister’s eighteenth birthday celebration, and I drank a lot of alcohol. I was so drunk that I couldn’t stand still, so I wasn’t sure which room I slept in either.”

Duke’s gaze became dark.

In the surveillance video, Dew seemed to be walking steadily. She did not look like she was drunk.

This woman was lying.

“Do you still remember how I treated you that night?”

Duke’s voice was aggressive.

Dew took a step back by reflex.

Over the past four years, this man had never brought anything up about that night. Why was he asking about it now?