Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 342

Chapter 342

In the car, Dew kept talking about the changes in Sea City over the last two years, while Mrs. Winters quietly listened to her with an elegant expression. She would ask questions from time to time, and the two of them got along well.

Soon, the car stopped in front of the Winters family villa.

A servant walked over and respectfully pulled open the car door.

Right after Mrs. Winters put one of her legs down, a cool kid rushed over. “Grandma, I miss you so much!”

Harold rushed into Mrs. Winters’ arms, and his voice was soft.

Mrs. Winters’ cold expression instantly became much gentler. “Hal, you’ve grown taller. You seem chubbier too. Are you finally satisfied with the chefs at home?”

Harold was about to talk about the delicious food that Adina prepared when he saw another person step out from the passenger seat.

His expression instantly darkened. “Why are you in my house again, you evil witch? Papa Brown, chase her out. I said I don’t want to see her anymore!”

He yelled in anger, and Dew was shocked.

She blinked, and her tears fell. “Harold, I gave birth to you after a ten-month pregnancy. I even bled massively the day I gave birth to you. Even if I’ve done anything wrong, I’m your mother. How can you…” 1

She covered her face and started sobbing.

“Get out! Get out, right now!” Harold yelled. “Stop acting in front of me. I feel disgusted when I see you cry…”


Mrs. Winters’ expression became cold, and she stared at him with a dignified gaze.

“You’re the young master of the Winters family, and the noble blood of the Winters family flows in your body. How can you be so rude? This is your biological mother, and you came out of her body. If you deny her, you’re denying where you came from!”

“She doesn’t deserve to be my mother. She’s the person I hate the most,” he said defiantly.

“Shut up,” Mrs. Winters said coldly. “It’s not up to you to decide whether she is qualified to be your mother or not. Go upstairs and reflect on your actions for an hour.”

“Aunt Mabel, don’t punish Hal,” Dew cried and said. “Ever since they were born, I’ve rarely taken care of them, so it’s normal that he doesn’t consider me as his mother. It’s not his fault. It’s all my fault. I’m the one to blame.”

Mrs. Winters was furious.

She had not returned to Sea City over the last three years, so she had no idea how the boys were getting along with Dew.

But this situation made her really angry.

If her son, Duke, chased her out, she did not know what she would do.

The children of the Winters family should not be so rude!

“Harold, apologize to your mother, and this will end here,” Mrs. Winters breathed in and said.


Harold turned around and ran upstairs. He would rather have a timeout in his room than apologize to that evil witch.

“Aunt Mabel, I better go back to the Daugherty family home today. They don’t welcome me here,” Dew said tearfully. “Hal is still very young. Once he grows up, he may accept me more.”

Mrs. Winters’ expression darkened as she asked, “When did he start to treat you like this?”

When the boys had their first birthday, Mrs. Winters had come back and attended the birthday party. At that time, they were fine. Why would they turn out like this now?

Even if Dew could not become the mistress of the Winters family, her own sons should not treat her that way.

Mrs. Winters did not feel sympathy toward Dew. She just did not want the children of the Winters family to have no manners!