Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 341

Chapter 341

The piano music resounded in the courtyard.

Adina held Alden’s hand and softly said, “Every child should have a father as they grow up. Look at Mel. She has smiled more than she ever has in the last four years now that she has a father figure—”

Halfway through her sentence, Alden interrupted her. “So, you’re with Duke because of Mel and me?”

When Adina saw the way he was acting, she knew that this child must have reached a dead end again.

She stroked his hair. “No, I just find that Duke is really a good person. He’s responsible and caring toward children.”

Alden looked down.

Duke was a man who had made two women pregnant at the same time. How responsible could he be?

How could such a person be good enough to be his and Melody’s father?

But he had to admit that Melody had almost recovered from her autism because of Duke.

“Mom, I support all your decisions,” Alden slowly said. “I’ll always support you.”

It was 9.00 pm, and people were coming and going in Sea City’s airport. It was bustling.

Dew was pushing a luggage cart outside. As she walked, she said, “Aunt Mabel, it’s been about three years since you last came back to Sea City, right?”

Her tone was very friendly. “Sea City has changed a lot over these three years. The airport has also been recently renovated. It’s considered one of the top modern airports in the world. There are also new places to relax in Sea City. After your birthday party ends, I’ll bring you around.”

Mrs. Winters nodded. “I’ll be staying in Sea City for some time. I’ll count on you then.”

“You don’t have to be so polite with me. It would be an honor.” Dew smiled and said in a courteous manner. Confidence flashed in her eyes.

She had stayed in Ascrialia for three days and accompanied Mrs. Winters to different occasions, so Mrs. Winters was no longer indifferent and distant toward her.

As long as Mrs. Winters favored her, she would have the confidence to join the Winters family.

“Madam, you’re finally back. Master and the young masters have missed you.” Mr. Brown walked forward respectfully but was suddenly taken aback. “Ms. Daugherty?”

The madam had flown back from Ascrialia. Why was she with

Ms. Daugherty?

Dew smiled and said, “Mr. Brown, we just haven’t met for a few days. Don’t you recognize me anymore?”

“No.” Mr. Brown quickly shook his head. “Did you fly back from Ascrialia as well, Ms. Daugherty?”

Mrs. Winters indifferently said, “Dew went overseas to perform, and we met coincidentally. So, I asked her to travel around in Ascrialia and come back with me.”

Mr. Brown looked down, and his gaze was filled with disbelief.

Ms. Daugherty had not visited the Winters family for a few days, so he thought that she had finally learned her position. Unexpectedly, she had gone overseas to seek help.

The madam had actually despised Ms. Daugherty in the past. After all, she had gotten pregnant and given birth before marriage. She even intended to marry into the Winters family using the kids. Rich families hated such behavior the most.

However, once the young masters grew up, and the master refused to marry other women, the madam could only act as a matchmaker for him and Ms. Daugherty.

Later, the madam no longer returned to Sea City, and that was the end of it.

Mrs. Winters and Dew then entered the car. While Mr. Brown drove at the front, his mind was all over the place.

He had heard from Young Master Harold that the master and Ms. Adina Daugherty were in a relationship. If the madam found out, the Winters family might not be able to live in harmony…

“Aunt Mabel, look, it’s a newly built fine arts gallery. It occupies nearly 10,000 square feet, and it’s home to more than half of the world’s art treasures. I’ll take you there next time.”