Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 340

Chapter 340

“Daddy, Mommy likes to eat potatoes/’ Melody suddenly spoke. She supported her chin with both hands and looked at Duke for a while before she glanced at Adina.

Adina suddenly felt embarrassed when her own daughter stared at her like that.

Her intention was to look after Harold and George. Why were the children watching her be “in a relationship”?

“I washed the potatoes. You can see how they taste.”

Duke placed a piece of potato on Adina’s plate.

Adina could only lower her head and take a bite of the potato. She felt that all the five people at the table were staring at her.

She raised her head before she awkwardly smiled and said, “ It’s delicious.”

She was the one who cooked it, so obviously it was delicious. Did it have anything to do with this man’s washing?

Dinner ended in a lively manner.

Adina thought about Alden’s feelings, so she informed them that they were going home.

Harold pushed Duke outside. “Daddy, send mommy out. Don’t forget the goodbye kiss.”

His voice was just coincidentally loud enough for Adina to hear him.

She felt her head tingle, so she just held the children’s hands and walked toward her car.


Duke’s voice came from the back. Adina immediately sped up as if she was afraid that the man would catch up.

“Don’t you want your car keys?”

Duke quickly walked over, and his voice was filled with a teasing tone. “Addy, why are you walking so quickly?”

He called her “Addy,” which made her heart pound very quickly.

She turned around and grabbed the keys from the man and acted calmly. “You don’t have to send us. We’ll be leaving now. See you tomorrow,” she said.

However, Duke suddenly grabbed her arm. He raised his hand to pick a leaf out of her hair.

The moment he extended his hand, Adina avoided him by reflex, and there was fear in her clear eyes.

But the terrified look disappeared in an instant.

She quickly appeared normal and indifferently said, “Thank you.”

Then, she pulled open the car door, got into the driver’s seat, and drove speedily out of the villa’s compound.

Duke pinched the leaf with a slight frown.

He was just helping her to take out a leaf from her hair. Did she have to avoid him like that?

Also, what was going on with the fear in her eyes?

Adina parked her car outside her home. By the time she pushed open the car door and got out, Alden was already holding Melody’s hand and standing outside their mansion.

“Mel, can you go inside and play ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star!’ forme?”

Adina walked over and stroked the girl’s hair.

Melody nodded before she turned around and walked into the house. Soon, they heard the happy and cheerful music of the piano.

Adina squatted down in front of Alden and softly asked, “ Alden, are you unhappy that I’m with Uncle Duke?”

Alden pursed his lips and said, “Mom, you know the relationship between Uncle Duke and Dew. Why do you still want to be with him?”

“Actually, Georgie and Hal are…”

Adina moved her lips and nearly blurted out the secret.

She stopped talking in time and did not resume.

Alden had always worried too much ever since she could remember. If she told Alden about this, he would definitely keep thinking about helping her to gain custody of his brothers.

She could slowly plan things out. Alden just needed to grow up happily.