Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 339

Chapter 339

Adina lowered her head, and her exquisite chin accentuated her perfect jawline under the light.

She was wearing a white shirt, and her collar was unbuttoned. It revealed the clavicular line of her collarbone and her fair skin, which was undulating slightly.

Duke struggled to look away.

Over the past twenty years, his mind had always been clean. Even if a naked woman stood in front of him, he would not be bothered to look at her.

But the ridiculous thought of taking Adina’s clothes off invaded his mind at that moment.

He thought he was a righteous man, but right then, he finally realized that he was no different from a playboy like Trent.

He had just never met a woman whom he was interested in previously.

“I’ll help you put on the apron.”

Duke took out an apron from the cabinet and helped Adina to put it on.

Duke’s musky scent was faintly discernible, and it surrounded Adina like an invisible net.

When she first smelled him, she was terrified. But after she got used to it, she actually felt alright.

Adina cut the vegetables while she said, “Mr. Winters, if you just want to find someone to keep Mrs. Winters off your back, there’s actually a better candidate, like Dew, who happens to be George and Harold’s mother.”

When she said that, her knife tilted, and she nearly cut her finger.

Duke curled his lips. “She’s like Gorilla Tape. Once she sticks to me, I’ll never be able to get rid of her, but you’re different.”

Adina pursed her lips. “Dew’s the mother of your children.

Aren’t you going too far by describing her like that?”

“She should feel lucky to be George and Harold’s mother, or else…”

Duke’s eyes were filled with terrifying coldness.

He did not finish his sentence, but Adina could already guess what he wanted to say.

She looked down and said, “You hate Dew so much… Is it because she gave birth to two sons without your consent?”

“You can say so.”

Duke’s lips were filled with ruthlessness.

Dew had given birth to the boys behind him. The next day after the boys were born, she carried the babies to the Winters family. She even suggested that they do a paternity test.

She was just using the boys to marry into the Winters family.

If he really married Dew, he would fall into her trap.

Adina immediately held the knife tightly.

She was actually the person who had secretly given birth to the boys of the Winters family four years ago.

If Duke knew the truth, he might not go easy on her. 1

She had to keep this secret to herself.

“Mr. Winters, please help me wash some potatoes.”

Adina changed the subject indifferently.

Duke looked to the side and stared at her. “I’m your boyfriend. Isn’t it too formal for you to call me ‘Mr. Winters?

Adina did not look up. “Duke, help me wash some potatoes.”

Her calling him “Duke” instantly brightened his mood.

He quickly found the potatoes, turned on the tap, and carefully washed them.

Adina glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, and much of her gloominess faded.

If she did not think of that incident that happened five years ago, it was actually not bad being this man’s girlfriend. After all, who would have thought that the noble Mr. Winters would wash potatoes for a woman in the kitchen?

Duke helped to wash the vegetables, while Adina quickly turned on the stove and cooked the food. A while later, she finished preparing a few dishes.

At the dining table, Harold was the only one who kept talking noisily. George spoke to embarrass Harold from time to time, Melody smiled faintly as she listened to them, and Alden frowned.

“Daddy, you’re the boyfriend. You have to take the initiative and add some food for Mommy!” Harold grinned and said. Calling Adina “Mommy” came naturally to him.