Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 338

Chapter 338

“What about me? What about me? Can I call Aunt Adina ‘ Mommy?’” Harold raised his head and asked.

Duke carried the girl as he nonchalantly said, “As long as Aunt Adina’s fine with it, you can call her whatever you want.”

Harold widened his eyes and looked at Adina, while he excitedly but carefully asked, “Aunt Adina, can I?”

Adina felt dejected, but she suppressed the feeling as she smiled faintly and said, “Of course, you can.”

“Yeah! I have a mommy too! I’m so happy. I have a mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” Harold circled Adina and shouted as he ran around her.

Adina looked at him gently. When she looked up, she saw the two other children, George and Alden, standing one step away from her.

Alden had a complex mind, so he might not accept her relationship with Duke that easily. She would slowly explain it to Alden once they went home.

As for George…

“Georgie, come here.” Adina waved at him.

George felt conflicted as he walked over.

He had changed his mind toward Adina slightly, but he still found it hard to believe that this woman was his father’s girlfriend.

Now that she had become his father’s girlfriend, she would become his fiance very soon. Then, she would become his and Harold’s stepmother.

Once this woman married into the Winters family and achieved her purpose, would she still treat Harold as nicely as she did now?

Even their biological mother did not love them, but this woman who held a grudge against their mother would?

“Georgie, you don’t look good when you frown.”

Adina raised her hand and smoothed out his frown.

Her voice was clear and gentle. “You and Dew are different individuals. I hope that you can put Dew aside and get to know me from scratch again. Can you do that?”


George pursed his lips and nodded gently.

Since Dad and Harold liked this woman so much, he would get to know her.

While they spoke, Duke carried Melody and walked up to Alden.

The 1.86-meter-tall man squatted down, but he was still taller than Alden.

“I know what you’re thinking about, but don’t worry. No matter what, I won’t hurt your mom, ” he said calmly.

Alden stared at him and clenched his fists. “I hope you can keep your promise.”

Otherwise, he did not know what scary things he would do.

A black extended luxury car parked at the entrance of the concert hall. After the group of six got into the car, the driver started the engine and slowly drove toward the Winters family villa.

Once they arrived at the villa, Harold held Melody’s hand, and they went to play the piano. Alden took a book, sat beside Melody, and read, while George went upstairs to work.

Adina entered the kitchen, and Duke followed her.

After Mr. Brown lectured them, the kitchen staff knew that they could not be third wheels, so all of them left in an instant.

Adina took a tomato and slowly washed it. She spoke without turning around, “Mr. Winters, I think— ”

“Don’t you think Mel’s very happy?” Duke interrupted her and leisurely said, “I’ve never seen Mel speak so much, and I’ve also never seen Mel look so happy. As long as she can be this full of joy, I’m willing to do anything…”

Adina remained silent.

This man knew where her soft spot was, so he had her under his control, and that convinced her to keep going along.