Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 334

Chapter 334

Adina heard the discussion among the crowd, but she walked inside indifferently and did not mind it.

But Duke slowly broke into a happy smile.

He had booked VIP seats, which were in the front row, so the group of six walked ahead.

Harold instantly forgot Duke’s warning and started to talk noisily again. “Mel, can we sit on this side?”

Melody jumped down from Adina’s arms and sat at the side with Harold.

“George, you sit on my left. Alden, you sit on Mel’s right.”

Harold arranged the seats clearly. In the end, the remaining two seats on the other side belonged to Adina and Duke.

Adina sat next to George, and she could hear

Harold speaking from time to time.

“Mel, the concert’s going to start. Are you happy?

“Mel, I’ve never been to a concert before. If I don’t get it later, don’t laugh at me.

“Mel, can I hold your hand? Wow, your hand’s so soft.”

“Harold Winters, can you be quiet?” George spoke and sounded annoyed.

Harold pulled a face. “Mel likes to listen to me. Bite me! Mel, isn’t that true?”


The girl gave a hard nod and even cooperatively uttered a short syllable.

Harold became more prideful. “See, George! Mel lets me speak!”

Watching the children’s interaction, Adina smiled gently.

Perhaps being accompanied by her biological brothers helped Melody to start accepting this world and gradually learn how to speak.

Harold’s cheerful, carefree, and casual personality in particular was a complete contrast to Melody’s quietness. No wonder Melody was willing to sit next to Harold. They were biological siblings, and the same blood flowed in their bodies, so they were drawn together by that power.

The piano concert started, and the lights above the audience’s seats dimmed. Harold finally stopped talking as well.

The first piece was a magnificent ode. Two famous pianists played a duet, and every note was full of praise and love for the great nature. Its melody flowed with enthusiasm.

Adina enjoyed piano concerts, but she never had a chance to attend any all these years.

She had to work and take care of the kids, so her time was fully occupied.

She was immersed in the piano piece, and there was light in her eyes.

Duke turned to the side When he looked at her eyes that sparkled in the dark, something seemed to hit his heart.

It was an emotion that he had never felt in the past.

He felt like a traveler who had suddenly seen a clear stream after months of walking in the desert.

The feeling was indescribable.

Duke slowly leaned down and subconsciously moved closer to Adina.


The sound of a heavy object falling on the floor instantly snapped him out of his daze.

He immediately sat up straight and acted calm and indifferent.

Adina lowered her head and looked over. Her water bottle had dropped to the floor. She quickly bent down to pick up the bottle.

However, the light above the seat had been turned off, and the current lighting was very dim. It was totally dark under the chair, so she could only feel around the floor.

Duke looked to the side and noticed that she was bending down to look for her bottle.

While the light was dim, he could still see her exquisite features and silhouette.