Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 333

Chapter 333

Adina instantly turned around.

She looked at Melody in disbelief, and her voice trembled slightly. “Mel, what did you just say?”

She had only heard Melody saying “Daddy” twice. Other than those occurrences, Melody had never made a sound again.

Adina had consulted a psychiatrist before, and the psychiatrist said that it was important to take things slowly and not rush.

She had always acted as if she did not care about it, but nobody wished to hear Melody speak more than her.

She finally heard another word besides “Daddy.”

Adina squatted down, put both hands on Melody’s shoulders, and slowly said, “What did you just say? Please say it again.”

The girl tilted her head and blinked, but she did not speak again.

“Aunt Adina, Mel asked you and my dad to kiss!” Harold came over and said excitedly “Mel finally spoke again. Aunt Adina, hurry up and kiss my dad. Hurry!”


Alden frowned before he moved forward and pulled Harold away.

Harold was slightly afraid of Alden’s cold and intense gaze. He pouted and hid behind George.

Adina did not hear what Harold had said because all her attention was on Melody.

The girl tilted her head. She moved her pink lips and finally pronounced two short syllables. “ Mommy…”

When Adina heard the word clearly, her eyes turned red.

It had been more than four years and a thousand days. She finally heard her daughter call her “Mommy.”

The psychiatrist had told her that she might only be able to hear Melody call her “Mommy” once Melody was older, but it happened a dozen years earlier. She should be happy. She should not cry.

“Mel, you’re my good girl.”

Adina hugged her daughter, and her tears kept falling.

“Mommy…” Melody called her again. She raised her hand and wiped her tears for her. Then, she hesitantly asked, “Why won’t you kiss Daddy?”

Adina was speechless.

The daughter whom she had given birth to after an eight-month pregnancy called her “Mommy” for the first time to get her to kiss a man?

Alden was at a loss for words too.

Melody could say such a long sentence, after all. Why had she not spoken to him yet?

Harold clapped and exclaimed, “Kiss! Kiss!”

“Okay, the concert’s going to start,” Duke said indifferently. “Harold, if you continue to make so much noise, I’ll get Mr. Brown to bring you home.”

Harold became speechless.

He was not noisy. He was helping his dad to pursue Aunt Adina!

Nevertheless, he was still afraid of his father’s stern gaze, and he obediently kept his mouth shut.

Adina wiped away her tears before she bent down and carried Melody. The group of six then walked toward the concert hall.

As soon as they showed up in the hall, they attracted the attention of countless people.

“Wow! They’re quadruplets. The family’s genes are strong.”

“The boys look like their father, and the girl looks like her mother. This family of six looks so happy.”

“The man is really good-looking, but his kids are already quite grown. This handsome man got married early!”

“If I were ten years younger, I could have become this handsome man’s wife. Haha!”

“You’re robbing the cradle. How shameless can you be?”