Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 332

Chapter 332

“What?! Is it really ugly?” Harold held the figurine and kept looking at it. He had stayed up all night, carving this figurine for over ten hours. It was so adorable. Why did everyone dislike it?

Right then, a soft chubby hand extended over and grabbed the figurine.

Melody blinked and smiled faintly. Then, she put the figurine into the little bag that she carried.

Harold was finally happy. “See, Mel likes the present that I gave her!”

Adina chuckled.

She found the scene of the four children standing together visually attractive and harmonious. It was as if everything else in her life was no longer important.

As long as the children could laugh with joy, her life was complete.

While she looked at the children and smiled, someone else also stared at her.

Duke’s sharp gaze was filled with a gentleness that he did not notice.

He suddenly wanted time to freeze at that moment.

Adina felt a burning gaze on her. When she raised her head, her gaze met the man’s black eyes.

His eyes were so dark and profound. They were charming like deep ancient wells, which gave her the desire to look into them.

She wanted to know what emotions were at the bottom of that gaze.

The two of them stared at each other for a long time and did not look away.


Harold pressed his finger to his lips and pulled Melody, as well as George, a few steps back.

He lowered his voice and excitedly said, “This should be what the book means by ‘casting sheep’s eyes at someone.’ We mustn’t interrupt Dad and Aunt Adina from falling in love.”

George was speechless.

He silently took a step back.

Right then, his dad and Aunt Adina were not gazing at each other like a couple would.

Alden stood next to Adina. He pursed his thin lips tightly, and his gaze became intense.

Did his mom want to be with Duke after she discovered that Duke was his and Melody’s biological father?

If that was the case, he should not have told his mom about it.

Alden looked down and contemplated deeply, subconsciously clenching his fists.

“Mel, do you want your mom and my dad to get married?” Harold leaned close to Melody’s ear and persuaded her. “If your mom marries my dad, you can openly call my dad ‘Daddy.’ Wouldn’t you be happy?”

There was a bright glint in the girl’s big watery eyes.

Harold continued. “Mel, do you know what happens next after this dramatic scene?”

Melody shook her head.

She rarely watched TV, and it was even more impossible for her to watch soap operas.

Harold blinked. “At this time, the onlooking crowd will shout, ‘Kiss!’ Your mom and my dad will kiss, and they’ll be together. They can get married! When that happens, we’ll have a dad and a mom!”

Melody’s eyes were even brighter like light pieces were shining in her eyes.

She turned around, moved her lips, and suddenly said, “Kiss!”

Harold was stunned.

He had just said it without thinking. Why did Melody suddenly…