Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 329

Chapter 329

“Auntie Adina, your cooking skills are getting much better now. It’s so delicious. I don’t even have words for it!”

Harold lowered his head and ate. He enjoyed it so much that his lips were smeared with oil, and something shone brightly in his eyes.

George held the fork tightly, picked up a piece of grilled pork, and put it on his plate. The color and aroma of the grilled pork looked similar to those he had eaten before. But after he put it into his mouth and gently took a bite, he finally understood why Harold, a known fussy eater, would admire Adina’s cooking skills so much.

It was really delicious.

Other than the original taste of the food, there was something about it that drew him closer.

He tasted every dish, and he seemed to have briefly understood what this intimacy was.

Was it love that had been blended into the food?

George looked down slightly, lowered his head, and kept eating.

One plate of food usually sufficed for him, but he ate two plates tonight.

Compared to Harold and Melody’s appetite, his appetite did not attract any attention.

When the dinner was almost finished, Duke took out the tickets for the piano concert from his pocket. He turned sideways and looked at the little girl who sat on his right side. “Mel, are you free on Saturday afternoon? I want to invite you to a piano concert.”

Something flashed in her eyes. She took over the tickets and flipped through them, one at a time.

Harold cooperatively counted it loudly. “One, two, three, four, five, six! Wow! There are a total of six tickets. The six of us can go to the piano concert together! Wow! This is so exciting!”

Adina indifferently asked, “Alden, do you want to go?”

Alden nodded. He was worried about Melody going to the concert hall with Duke alone, so he had to tag along.

“George, you should also go!” Harold quickly convinced George. “Piano concerts are the best. George, you should put aside your work and come with all of us.”

George found himself speechless.

If he did not remember it wrong, did Harold not hate the piano? Did he not find it too noisy?

Whenever Dew played the piano, it was a noisy din.

But when Melody played the piano, it was melodious music.

He pursed his lips and said, “I have the time on Saturday afternoon. I can come along.”

Duke cast a glance at him.

He remembered that there was a press conference for the newly launched product of Digion Technology on Saturday afternoon, and George’s attendance was necessary.

He was turning down the new product launch for the concert. Did this mean his son was no longer hostile against Adina?

“Yeah! Awesome!”

Harold clapped and cheered.

Auntie Adina, Melody, Dad, and George were going. Um… Alden was also going… He was so excited!

“Oh yeah, Auntie Adina!” Harold opened his eyes widely and moved closer. “It will be my grandma’s birthday in two days. Can I invite you, Mel, and Alden to attend my grandma’s birthday party?”

Would it not be crowded if the Winters family held a party?

Adina did not want to expose the kids to the public, so she hesitated.

As though Duke knew what she was thinking about, he indifferently said, “This is a private party. Mr. Brown will be around, so you don’t have to worry that anyone would expose the kids.”

Adina remembered that the identities of the young masters of the Winters family were also being kept confidential from the outsiders. The outsiders did not know that Duke had two sons.

The secrets of the Winters family were very well- guarded, so she did not need to worry about that.

“Okay, then I’ll bring Alden and Mel over to celebrate Mrs. Winters’ birthday.”

Adina nodded to agree, and Harold was so happy that he kept dancing.