Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 328

Chapter 328

She owed Georgie and Hal four entire years of their lives. How could she just leave like that?

She desperately wanted to take custody of her sons, but she was very well aware that she did not have the ability.

If she stood up against Duke, it was like throwing a straw against the wind.

“What’s wrong? What are you thinking?”

Duke lowered his head slightly, and he looked at her eyes that had turned slightly red.

Adina put down the knife.

She raised her head, and her indifferent gaze was filled with resoluteness.

“Mr. Winters, please be my boyfriend.”


Duke was so surprised that he widened his cold eyes greatly.

He thought that his ears had decided to suddenly malfunction. He took a breath before he said, “Say it again, Adina.”

Adina stared at the man in the eyes before she said again, “Mr. Winters, you also heard that the Osborne family is coming on me aggressively. I don’t want to lose custody of my kids. Mr. Watson said that if I’m in a permanent and stable relationship, it will be very helpful for the lawsuit, so I would like to ask for your help in pretending to be my boyfriend.”

She stared at Duke’s black eyes, and she slowly clenched her fists.

Duke pursed his gorgeous lips and smiled faintly. “ Why should I help you?”

Adina firmly said, “As long as you help me, I can promise you anything.”

“Just to win the lawsuit?”

Duke stared at her. This was a somewhat aggressive question.

Adina stared at him in the eyes without backing down. “Yes, just to win the lawsuit and to keep the custody of the kids.”

“I’ll need to think about it,” Duke indifferently said, “You should be very clear that I’ve never had any woman. If you become my girlfriend, it’ll stir up public opinion, and it won’t bring the Winters family any good.”

Adina pursed her lips. “Mr. Winters, please don’t misunderstand. I ’ m asking you to be my boyfriend just to provide the court some evidence, not to publicly announce our relationship. Don’t worry, even if you agree to be my boyfriend, our relationship will still be the same. Nothing will change.”

Of course, there would be changes.

After she became his girlfriend, she would have more grounds to visit the Winters family and look after the boys.

She wanted to make up for the four-year gap in her motherhood, and she wanted to return the lost affection to her two boys.

Four years ago, she gave birth to quadruplets. Nobody knew this except for her.

As long as she did not say it, nobody would ever think that her kids were actually part-quadruplets with the young masters of the Winters family.

Adina’s mind was full of complicated thoughts, but her movements were not sloppy at all. A while later, dinner was ready.

There were more people for dinner today. She made a total of eight dishes, which fully filled the dining table.

The table was rectangular. Duke sat at the main seat, Adina sat next to the main seat, and the four kids sat at the side accordingly. In the end, George was alone by the side, and he looked lonely and pitiful.

Adina got up and asked, “Georgie, do you want to take my seat?”

She took the initiative to sit at the end of the table, and she was right across George.

George sat still without moving. He softly said, “ This is quite good. There’s no need for the trouble.”

Therefore, Duke was abandoned at the main seat, and there was a diagonal distance between him and Adina.

He frowned, and he felt unhappy for some reason.