Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 327

Chapter 327

Duke looked at Adina’s side profile.

He was very good at seeing through people’s minds. He could tell that this woman was lying.

But he did not know why she wanted to lie.

He took out a few tickets from his suit pocket before he handed them over her. “I would like to invite Mel to a piano concert. It will be on

Saturday afternoon, these are the tickets. May I know if you’ll have the time?”

Adina cast a glance at the tickets.

This was a joint recital by some internationally renowned pianists, and it was very difficult to get even one ticket.

And this man had a stack of them?

It looked like there were at least five tickets.

She pursed her lips and said, “If Mel says yes, I’m okay with it.”

Duke quirked his eyebrows.

Why was this woman being so nice now?

It was as though the woman who had coldly treated him was just his hallucination.


The phone on the cabinet suddenly vibrated.

Adina looked over. It was a call from Brenden.

She wiped her hands clean before she answered the call. “Mr. Watson.”

“Miss Daugherty, the lawyer advisory team of the Osborne family contacted me just now.”

Brenden’s voice was slightly solemn. “Tyson had filed the lawsuit alone, so his ability was after all, limited. But now, it seems that the whole Tyson family wants to put all their effort into this lawsuit. Old Mr. Osborne has put in a lot of money to hire a lawyer team overseas. The number of members in the team is more than fifteen people. They are very aggressive.”

Adina’s gaze was indifferent. “I got it, Mr. Watson.”

It did not matter how many lawyers the Osborne family had recruited. They would be unable to take the custody away from her because the kids did not belong to the Osborne family.

After Adina hung up, she was thinking about how she should open up to Brenden about this.

Duke walked forward, and he said softly, “What do you plan to do next?”

He had heard what Brenden had said on the phone just now.

The Osborne family had hired a lawyer team for the lawsuit. No matter how capable Brenden was, he would not be able to defeat a team of over a dozen members alone.

Adina looked down. She took a potato, and she said while she sliced it up. “Mr. Winters, can I ask you a question? If Dew did not send George and Harold back to the Winters family, and you knew about their existence one day, would you do whatever it takes to take custody of the boys?”

“Of course,” Duke answered without hesitation, “ Although the boys did not come to the world by my consent, their bodies are filled with my blood. They are the descendants of the Winters family, so they have to come back to the family.”

Adina’s hand that held the knife paused.

“But your situation is different.” Duke stared at her seriously. “Tyson has a wife and a son. If you let the kids go back to the Osborne family, Alden and Mel will become the illegitimate children of the family. It will be a mark that they will never be able to leave behind. As for the kids, you have to do whatever you can to keep custody.”

Adina curled her lips into a sarcastic smile.

In other words, if Duke found out that Alden and Melody were the kids of the Winters family, he would also do whatever he could to secure the custody of the kids.

He genuinely thought that no other place was better than the Winters family.

When she thought of how Alden and Melody would be taken away from her life, she felt extremely heartbroken.

She should take the kids far away from Sea City.

If Duke found out about this, she would lose before she filed the lawsuit.

But she was reluctant to leave Sea City.