Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 325

Chapter 325

The group of four got into the car.

Duke was driving at the front, while the three kids sat in the back

George’s cold and serious gaze was tinged with some uncharacteristic tenderness. He took out some colorful candies from his pocket. “Mel, which flavor do you like?”

“Mel doesn’t like candies.”

Alden indifferently stopped him. George’s hand paused for a while before he stretched out his hand further. “Since Mel doesn’t eat, then you eat them.” The bunch of colorful candies were forcefully stuffed into Alden’s hand by George, which left him no chance to say no. “Harold likes the strawberry one. You can try,” George indifferently said. Alden pursed his lips and softly said, “Thanks.” He usually did not like to eat candies, but he unwrapped a pink strawberry-flavored candy and put it into his mouth now. The sweetness spread across his mouth. The strawberry-flavored candy actually tasted good. When Duke saw the kids’ interaction from the rearview mirror, his indifferent lips were filled with warmth. The car smoothly glided down the road. About ten minutes later, it arrived at the Winters family’s mansion.

Alden was a little stunned. “Uncle Winters, shouldn’t you send us home?” Duke unbuckled the seatbelt before he indifferently said, “Your mom is cooking dinner in the Winters family, so you naturally need to be here.” Alden was stunned again.

He had told mom about that last night, so should she not stay far away from the Winters family? Why did she still go and approach them?

While Alden was about to unbuckle the seatbelt for Melody, he realized that George already helped Melody get out of the car. When the car door was opened, the voices clearly came from the mansion.

It was Harold’s happy cheers.

“Wow, Auntie Adina, look! How cleanly I washed the vegetables!” “You’re so amazing, Harold!” “Auntie Adina, what else can I do for you? Can I crack the eggs? Oh, gosh! Sorry, Auntie Adina,

I didn’t do it on purpose…”

The sound of a bowl being broken in the kitchen was heard. “Is your hand injured?” Adina immediately put aside her work, squatted down, and checked his fingers. It was only after she saw he was uninjured that she felt at ease. “Harold, you’d better go out and play. It’s dangerous here.” “But Auntie Adina, I want to accompany you…” Harold leaned in Adina’s arms, and his voice was childish. When Duke came inside with the three kids, they saw this situation. Harold and Adina stared at each other, and their gazes showed strong, inseparable, mutual affection and love.

Adina had been so indifferent a few days ago, but her attitude totally changed today. What was going on? Duke turned around and looked at Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown bowed slightly and respectfully said, “Miss Daugherty came this morning, and she has been playing with Young Master in the living room for the whole day.”

He could hardly believe his own words. A busy person like Miss Daugherty actually hung out with the Young Master in the Winters family for the whole day…

Duke pursed his lips and asked, “What did they do the whole day?”

“They were just… looking through the albums.” Mr. Brown stroked his chin. “That’s all, I guess…”

“Wow, you’re back, Dad!” Harold rushed out of the kitchen. “Dad, look, Auntie Adina is in our house! She said no matter what, she will come to our house and cook dinner for me. Aww, I’m so happy! Oh, George, why are you also back?” George was speechless.

Was he not unpopular?

He pursed his lips. “I heard that the food that Auntie Adina cooks is very delicious. I haven’t tried it before.”